Children and Youth

Children & Youth

State and local agencies and the social services sector work together to help and heal children, youth and families who have experienced adversity.  PCG partners with these organizations to provide consulting and operational support to promote and protect children and families.  Together, we work towards transforming the systems that support and protect children and youth.

Our Child Welfare experts can provide:

Program Consulting

Every child and family has different needs and differing ability to respond to services and treatment. State and local child welfare agencies and service providers must have the knowledge, funding, and capacity to deliver the help children and their caregivers need to thrive. PCG helps states and local agencies make investments in policies and programs that work.

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Finance Consulting

Achieving great outcomes costs money. But state and local agencies that serve children, youth and families too often face declining budgets and increasing costs. Fluctuating caseloads add to the challenge. PCG can help you maximize your resources, freeing you to do what’s most important: making a difference in the lives of children and families.

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Outsourcing & Operations

You have a mission to achieve: keeping children and youth safe and building strong families. But achieving that mission requires complying with extensive policies, rules, regulations and laws, paying bills, running payroll, maintaining facilities, securing data, and more—all of which places a heavy burden on your ability to achieve your core mission.

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Applied Technology

Technology should help you do your work better—not create more work and strain your budget. Recently, the federal government changed the requirements for child welfare information systems, paving the way for more modern systems with new requirements. PCG can help.

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Change is constant. Organizations must continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best way to move forward. The methods for this work must be practical, the results must be visible, and the improvements must endure. In response, PCG has developed a Sustainable Change, a bundle of knowledge and tools that support the growth, change and revitalization of organizations and their operations.

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