VR-Billing is PCG’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) vendor and claims management system. As a modular web-based Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, VR-Billing can be integrated with case management solutions to manage the registration of vocational rehabilitation providers and the payment of services.

VR-Billing allows users to document VR services/goods, view authorizations, submit claims, view claim and payment status, and manage different funding sources (federal, state, Medicaid, etc.). VR-Billing includes a vendor registration module to collect financial banking information and authorizations, and vendors receiving payments and submitting claims in VR-Billing include three unique profile types: agencies, individual service providers and participants/guardians. In addition to vendors, VR-Billing enables VR case coordinators, counselors, supervisors, regional managers, and other state staff to review vendor registration applications, view and submit claims on behalf of vendors, and generate reports.

As a comprehensive VR claims management service, PCG also provides fiscal services and operations support, with live call center support, a portfolio of training modules, and financial analysts to support vendors in receiving timely and accurate payments. PCG can manage thousands of disbursements as well as release millions of dollars in weekly payments to vendors via electronic funds transfer (EFT). The reporting function can generate regular bank reconciliation reports and annual 1099s as needed.