About PCG

We share your commitment to the people you serve.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG helps primarily public sector health, education, and human services organizations make measurable improvements to their performance and processes.

At PCG, we’re passionate about getting results for our clients. Because we know that in the public sector, good results mean healthy, empowered, and successful individuals, families, and communities.

We believe in the power of the public sector.

Our public sector focus means we have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face—from economic constraints to demographic shifts to regulatory changes—and what it takes to surmount them. For more than 35 years, we have helped our clients:

  • Maximize resources
  • Contain or cut costs
  • Make better management decisions
  • Streamline their business processes
  • Implement and improve their technology solutions
  • Improve federal and state compliance
  • Optimize client outcomes

We have approximately 1,000 open contracts at any given time, and experience in all 50 states, 6 Canadian provinces, and the European Union. Our 2000+ employees around the world bring a wide range of public and private sector experience and subject matter expertise, ranging from management consulting to Medicaid, special education to technology, workforce empowerment to financial services and beyond.

We work in partnership with you.

PCG has four designated areas of expertise, each with a proven track record of achieving results for clients. We often combine resources from two or more practice areas to offer a multidisciplinary approach to solve our clients’ challenges, and favor long-term client relationships, because they allow us to work toward systemic, sustainable solutions that do more good over the long run.

Methods and tools for actionable reporting and measurement are an essential part of the services and products we provide. We embrace performance-based compensation, where we accept a financial risk to live up to our promises.

Contact us to learn more, and discuss how we can help your organization get results.

We address problems with solutions that matter.

To that end we've developed a set of tenets that define how we pursue our mission. Together, we live these tenets throughout and across our industry markets, regardless of where we live or work.

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