Child Welfare Case Review Application

PCG’s web-based child welfare case review application allows state Title IV-E agencies to administer case reviews that are structured like that of the federal Child & Family Services Review (CFSR).

While based on the federal CFSR tool, the system allows each agency to customize the case review instrument to meet its unique needs, and allows for robust quality assurance of the data recorded by reviewers at multiple levels. When evaluating each case, reviewers may “rate” each case on a 1-6 Likert scale (mirroring the structure of the CFSR), and may also record a narrative justifying the rating to facilitate quality assurance reviews of each case. The system also includes an administrative interface allowing designated staff to review and approve cases to be excluded from the review, as well as a robust data dashboard that allows lead staff to view summary statistics about each review, and to download Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations that summarize the results of each review.