EI Hub

Powerful technology solutions to support quality early intervention (EI) services for infants, toddlers, and their families.

EI Hub is an early intervention data management system from Public Consulting Group (PCG), a leading provider of information solutions.

EI Hub is a highly configurable end-to-end solution purpose-built for the effective administration of the federal IDEA Part C Early Intervention (EI) program by states and territories. EI Hub takes a modular approach to the early intervention process, providing referral, intake, Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), case management (service coordination), service logging, transition, billing and claiming, provider enrollment, family portal, and robust reporting—all in one user-friendly application. 

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Setting a higher standard for EI program management/data systems.

Supplemental Payment Program Initiation

Ensures accurate and efficient reporting to meet all EI (Part C) federal requirements and equitable state planning.

Supplemental Payment Program Expansion

Provides robust reporting to drill down on performance indicators at the local level.


Managed Care Program Implementation

Maximizes revenue for the state EI program through efficient electronic Medicaid and insurance filing.


Strategy for Private Providers

Supports collaboration between team members to deliver evidence-based practices.


Complete Cost Reports

Enables efficient electronic service logging to capture progress notes and visit and service details for billing.

Prepare an Audit Trail

Enables streamlined electronic communication with parents regarding payment, service history, and key documents (IFSP, evaluation and assessments, etc.).

Maintain compliance

Ensures data quality and integrity through business rules and requirements in line with state and federal rules and policies.

Managed Care Program Operation

Provides reports to support the state EI (Part C) program’s general supervision requirements to monitor for compliance.

Managed Care Program Operation

Built, implemented, and supported by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in EI (Part C).

Early Intervention Data Management

The system is a hosted Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product that can be configured to meet the needs of any Part C program in the country. EI Hub comes with out-of-the-box support for referral/intake evaluation/eligibility, IFSP, Child Outcome Summary (COS), Family Cost Participation (FCP), and exit/transition. EI Hub is a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product architected to be a system of record for EI data but designed as a system of engagement that allows service coordinators, providers, and families to work together toward best outcomes for children—all while improving program integrity and optimizing funding sources. 

EI Hub is built in accordance with the Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy) framework and is highly influenced by PCG’s extensive EI program knowledge, technical expertise, and familiarity with the EI data system user community. Key data system components such as master data management/de-duplication, document management, security/roles, and learning management are embedded into EI Hub.

EI Hub is complimented by a full suite of implementation, support & maintenance and optional operations services (anchor to Section Title: Implementation, Support & Maintenance and Operations Services). EI Hub modules can be procured and implemented together as a suite or one at a time.

EI Hub Modules

Promoting positive outcomes for children and families through EI.

The EI Hub modular web-based solution allows your state to manage and deliver the continuum of EI services through one interface with one role-based login. Users can view system alerts and news and gain access to approved modules through one portal:

Case Management

Streamlines the process of capturing early intervention data including the IFSP that helps users deliver high-quality care to the children they serve while giving stakeholders what they need to make data-driven decisions.


Billing & Claiming

Consolidate and maximize Medicaid and commercial health insurance payments with out-of-the-box support for ANSI 837i or 837p files. Process Family Cost Participation or Escrow funds as per your state’s funding flow.


Service Logging

Allows service providers to manage their day-to-day activities, enter session notes on authorized services, and obtain electronic signatures all while in the family’s home from any mobile device and send it for subsequent billing and claims activities.


Provider Enrollment & Management

Captures the entirety of a provider’s compliance and credentialling (including the application, registration, licensure, and certification) via a comprehensive web-based portal.


Family Portal

A mobile-friendly, secure, and reliable means for parents/guardians to view details about their child’s early intervention record, electronically sign forms including the IFSP, receive alerts, and view and download signed forms.


Referral Portal

Accept referrals from various sources via three distinct interfaces: (1) public referral webpage (2) EI Hub’s Case Management module (3) programmatically using an Application Programing Interface. Referral data flows directly into EI Hub without duplicate data entry and allows easy triage, routing and processing.


Key Features

An EI solution that leverages technology to help generate better results for children while streamlining processes, improving compliance, and accelerating positive outcomes.

EI Hub’s innovative system streamlines data management for EI services, allowing users to smoothly access essential information and functions. Key features include:

  • High-quality data that maintains a unique child ID with the legacy system, child record de-duplication, and merge capabilities.
  • Paperless tracking with a dedicated document repository for each child with support for multiple file types.
  • Out-of-the-box support for DocuSign, allowing care coordinators and providers to streamline the signature process.
  • An integrated learning repository that houses a wide array of learning content with the goal of empowering learners to monitor, guide, and assess their own unique learning experiences.
  • Referral acceptance from multiple sources that are consolidated and routed to the corresponding point of entry office for triage.
  • Robust child records that enhance the evaluation and eligibility process—tracking multiple screenings, assessments, eligibility types, and evaluation types for each child.
  • IFSP completion in a step-by-step process with real-time validation of configurable business rules, criteria, and limits—allowing for easy updates to the IFSP (before it is finalized), no duplicate data entry, and timely notifications and alerts.
  • Auto calculation and reporting of COS scores aggregated by county and provider agency, enabling the state to get input from multiple service providers.
  • Child record transfers, including referrals, evaluation information, IFSPs, and services within the state border. Records can be accessed with a click of a button and can be excluded from the 45-day time frame from transfer to IFSP meeting.
  • Secure online payments from parents and guardians if your state requires family fees.
  • A pre-configured Adjudication Matrix to help determine the next best action. Upon claim rejection or denial, the claim is automatically routed to a workable queue or to the next step in the claiming process.
  • Configurable child status, allowing the care coordinators and providers to know exactly where the child record is in the continuum of care.
  • Capability to capture the necessary data for transition/exit, create transition notifications for the involved entities and maintain closure history. Referral, enrollment, and discharge/exit can be done multiple times for the same child.
  • Data Migration.
  • Visual representation of compliance timelines on dashboards provides management insight into current operational performance.
  • 20+ alerts and notifications help guide users toward the creation and maintenance of a robust child record.

Implementation, Support & Maintenance, and Operations Services

EI Hub is complimented by a full suite of implementation, support & maintenance and operations services:

  • Implementation
    • Training: Choose between train-the-trainer model or full end-user training.
    • Data Migration: We have performed data migration from various EI legacy data systems.
    • Data Integration: Transfer data to EI Hub in real-time via API or overnight batch processes from your eligibility, referral, or billing system.
  • Support & Maintenance
    • Ongoing Training: We can provide training for the new staff you onboard after implementation and refresher for existing staff, all accessible via a Learning Management System.
    • Helpdesk: Our knowledgeable support staff can help all or part of the end users. If you already have a helpdesk, we can provide tier-2 support to your helpdesk personnel.
    • Cloud Hosting: There is no additional charge for cloud hosting.
  • Operations
    • Billing & Claiming: As the nation’s leading billers to commercial health insurance and Medicaid for EI claims, we can operate full State Fiscal Agent/Central Finance Office operations or specific billing components (e.g., banking, agency payments, 1099 processing).
    • Provider Enrollment: We can help you run your provider operations by onboarding providers, verifying and monitoring provider eligibility, notifying providers of upcoming enrollment and/or credentialing expirations, re-credentialing, licensure, etc.

Why COTs and SaaS?

A SaaS and COTS solution comes with a range of benefits to support your unique needs. With the proliferation of cloud infrastructure, these benefits can be leveraged relatively easily for your state. 

  • Minimize time-to-value/benefit: As a COTS application, EI Hub minimizes the time it takes to deliver value to the end users, program coordinator, technical buyer, and financial buyer.
  • Implement in months, not years: Since EI Hub is architected to be highly configurable, the time it takes to implement systems is considerably shortened. In most cases, implementation can be done in months instead of years. This reduces the time spent on installation which can reduce the issues that get in the way of the software deployment.
  • Built with standards and best practices in mind: Standards are at the forefront of all design and architecture sessions because EI Hub supports multiple states and best practices. Its highly configurable nature also supports a wide array of processes.
  • Faster response to policy changes and challenges: EI Hub is equipped to respond to changing federal/state policies, market needs, and challenges much quicker than in-house or custom development teams.
  • Minimize the burden on your IT resources: As a SaaS solution, EI Hub is deployed in a secure off-site location significantly reducing the administrative burden on IT human resources, infrastructure, and rack space.
  • Improved scalability: EI Hub is deployed in cloud environments that are highly scalable compared to the traditional on-site model; the state does not buy additional infrastructure or make capital investments in order to scale up.
  • Increased data security: In addition to built-in application security architected by PCG, national cloud providers invest heavily in security technology and expertise.
  • Unparalleled accessibility: EI Hub runs 24/7 in an internet browser from any device, regardless of its form factor or location.


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