Applied Technology

Technology should help you do your work better—not create more work and strain your budget. Recently, the federal government changed the requirements for child welfare information systems, paving the way for more modern systems with new requirements. PCG can help.

Our technology consultants live by the motto “There is no such thing as an IT project.” For us, technology is about supporting good casework, good financial management, and good administration, making each individual's work better, and easier to accomplish. 

Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Consulting

As a CCWIS consulting leader, we have a deep understanding of child welfare practice and programs; statutory and regulatory mandates; federal funding; and operational efficiency. This understanding allows us to evaluate and recommend the best technology solutions to support the work of child welfare agencies. As states move toward CCWIS development, we are here to provide organizational change management and project management office functions that lead to successful implementation.

Business Process Mapping and Redesign

Before states move forward with investments in new or modernized systems, PCG can help child welfare agencies to redesign existing processes and reimagine how child welfare information systems can help caseworkers move their work forward more efficiently.

Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Implementation Support

PCG provides extensive support and oversight for CCWIS integration projects for responsibilities including project management; requirements collection; quality assurance; independent verification and validation (IV&V); organizational change management (OCM); communications; and training.

Children, Youth, and Families Data Integration and Analytics

PCG assists states and localities with the integration of child, youth, and family program data with data from K-12 classrooms; Medicaid and other benefit programs; public health agencies; etc.

Automated Random Moment and Reporting System (ARMARS)

PCG’s web-based Automated Random Moment and Reporting System (ARMARS) is a secure application that allows for public agencies to administer a random moment time study (RMTS) to estimate the proportion of time workers spend on activities.

An RMTS can be conducted for internal monitoring/quality assurance purposes or for calculating reimbursement under programs such as Title IV-E (foster care), Title XIX (Medicaid), or Title IV-D (child support).

The system can administer an RMTS to both agency and contracted provider staff and includes reports summarizing response rates and time spent on each activity at the state and local level. The ARMARS permits each agency to customize the structure of the survey and the array of responses tracked to reflect its unique needs.

The system also includes automated email (and optional text message) notifications for essential tasks, such as a new survey; roster updates; and existing survey completion.

The ARMARS also gives local agencies the opportunity to report quarterly expenditures at a general or detailed level. In addition, it applies the results of the RMTS to expenditures to derive the size of an agency’s claim for reimbursement related to administrative or other expenses.