ARMARS -Automated Random Moment And Reporting System

PCG’s web-based Automated Random Moment And Reporting System (ARMARS) is a secure application that allows for public agencies to administer a random moment time study (RMTS) to estimate the proportion of time workers spend on activities that may be reimbursable under programs such as Title IV-E (foster care), Title XIX (Medicaid), and Title IV-D (child support).

The system may be used to administer a RMTS to both agency and contracted provider staff, and includes reports summarizing response rates and time spent on each activity at the state and local level. ARMARS permits each agency to customize the structure of the survey and the array of responses tracked to reflect its unique needs; it also includes automated email notifications of critical events such as a new survey being administered, roster updates being due, and uncompleted surveys that are nearing the deadline.