Change is constant. Organizations must continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best way to move forward. The methods for this work must be practical, the results must be visible, and the improvements must endure. In response, PCG has developed a Sustainable Change, a bundle of knowledge and tools that support the growth, change and revitalization of organizations and their operations. We help agencies and their leaders take control of their work, set and execute strategy, and produce change that sticks.

Services Include

State Plan Development

To obtain reimbursement, certain child welfare agencies require a state plan that ensures their use of funds complies with federal guidelines and requirements. At PCG, we understand the unique requirements of each federal fund source, and can help you construct a state plan that will maximize benefits and enhance and strengthen services.

Title IV-E Waiver Design and Management

PCG helps states as they prepare to apply for Title IV-E waivers, assisting with design, development, and implementation of innovative programs that will improve well-being and outcomes for children, and maintain compliance with Administration for Children and Families (ACF) requirements for cost-neutrality.