Change is constant. Organizations must continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best way to move forward. The methods for this work must be practical, the results must be visible, and the improvements must endure. In response, PCG has developed a Sustainable Change, a bundle of knowledge and tools that support the growth, change and revitalization of organizations and their operations. We help agencies and their leaders take control of their work, set and execute strategy, and produce change that sticks.

Services Include

Strategic Planning

PCG conducts strategic planning at the county, state, and municipal levels. We develop and prepare to implement strategic plans that communicate the organization’s goals; the actions needed to achieve these goals; and the structures and governance to implement these actions.

Organizational Assessment

PCG conducts child welfare organizational assessments for child welfare agencies. They include state-supervised agencies and county-administered and state-administered state and county agencies.

Within these assessments, we focus on various parts of the child welfare system, including foster care and the service array continuum that supports safety, permanency, and well-being. We have extensive experience in applying evidence-based practices and national best practice to policy, practice, and supervision within child welfare organizations.

Child Welfare Transformation

PCG uses administrative data and qualitative data to better understand the needs of children, families, and communities. We also help our partners to make investments into services that can effectively meet those needs.

In addition, we support organizations with the development of capacity to serve children and families in their communities through training, technical assistance, and fidelity monitoring. We develop service standards, supports procurement, contracting, and ongoing performance monitoring.