Public Health & Substance Use Disorder

Substance Abuse

To build healthy and thriving communities, it is essential for us to consider the behavioral, emotional, economic, and environmental conditions that influence population health. With decades of experience building solutions for the public sector, Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) can help you to create data-driven approaches to these challenges based on research and best practices. Together, we can assess your state or local capacity to respond to public health issues; facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to establish a strategic, unified approach; and evaluate the changes produced by your efforts.

As new public health emergencies continue to emerge, we cannot lose site of the ones we have yet to overcome, such as the opioid epidemic. As the federal government, state governments, and communities are all working to mitigate the prevalence and consequences of substance use disorders (SUD), demonstrating the value of public health efforts is becoming increasingly important.

Services include

Program Design

Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) partners with state and local governments to address public health issues and the substance use disorder crisis by identifying service needs and evaluating the outcomes produced by changes in practices, programs, or policies. PCG also helps states and local agencies to make investments in policies and programs that lead to positive results.

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Program Evaluation

PCG evaluates a range of public health, substance use disorder, and human service programs and projects—conducting outcome, process, and impact evaluations through systematic data collection and analysis. PCG can help you to identify and evaluate evidence-based practices to meet your community’s needs across the continuum of care—from promising and emerging treatment and prevention programs to community-based, school-based, and residential settings.

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Sustainable Change

Change is constant. It is essential for organizations to continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best ways to move forward. It is also essential for the methods of this strategy to be practical; the results to be visible; and the improvements to endure. PCG has developed a bundle of tools that supports the growth, change, and revitalization of organizations and their operations. Our organization can help agencies transform ideas into action.

State and federal policy changes, such as value-based payment systems, person-centered care mandates, and evidence-based practice requirements, challenge cities, states, and communities to rethink business processes with internal and external stakeholders. PCG can help agencies to transform ideas into action by convening key stakeholders to define their vision for supporting residents, and to facilitate a planning process, to bring vision to life.

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