EasyRMTS™ Random Moment Sampling Software


EasyRMTS™ PCG’s proprietary web-based random moment sampling software, has been completely upgraded and modernized for 2020. EasyRMTS is used to conduct statistically valid random moment time studies (RMTS) of a group of workers. It assigns a user-determined amount of surveys to a group of workers and administers the surveys via email over a sample period. The results are used to allocate the costs of the sampled workers.

Our system is specifically designed to meet the RMTS reporting needs of an agency to support cost reporting or cost allocation for federal claiming. Our system has been implemented in various agencies across the country for many different populations of workers.

EasyRMTS uses a decision-tree question design. The decision-tree design allows us to set up each time study in a way that ensures participants select only valid combinations of programs and activities. PCG’s process is easy to use and is understandable to participants. EasyRMTS has several features that allow for administrators and time study participants to complete surveys and analyze results in an efficient manner.

EasyRMTS is used for large groups of staff (typically 90+) that perform similar functions at an agency. Participants are required to respond to a survey at a moment in time (e.g., 9:24am on 3/17/20) within the EasyRMTS system and identify the activity and program they were performing at the time of their survey. Over the course of a quarter, the time study results for all participating staff are tabulated. These results are used as a statistic and applied against the cumulative staff cost to determine the amount of time/cost spent performing each activity in the survey.

Why EasyRMTS?

EasyRMTS has many features, including but not limited to:

  • Decision-tree response process.
  • Flexible sample parameters (e.g., number of moments, sample response times, etc.).
  • Ability to set multiple reminders and cc supervisors.
  • User-friendly calendar functionality.
  • Ability to set multiple work schedules and time zones.
  • Approved random moment generation algorithm.
  • Automated sub-sample process.
  • Real time standard and custom reports for result tabulation and monitoring needs.
  • Customized, detailed user manual.
  • Secure website and data transfer.
  • Individualized login credentials and industry standard password protection.
  • Various levels of participant and administrator access roles.
  • Extensive data back-up and disaster recovery plan.


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