Equitable Education Recovery Services

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As education agencies across the country implement plans to support and re-engage students, families, and schools amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Public Consulting Group (PCG) is proud to offer integrated solutions that empower districts to meet the diverse needs—both basic and complex—of their learning communities. Guided by our strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we work closely with our education partners to promote successful outcomes for all students. We do this by interrupting inequitable practices, examining unconscious biases, and creating safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive environments for school communities. PCG is uniquely qualified to provide the full spectrum of Equitable Education Recovery Services to any K-12 district, large or small, in alignment with federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. 

Equity and Inclusion are foundational to the services and solutions PCG provides to more than 3,000 school districts nationwide. We are the only national firm with proven capabilities integrating technology, organizational change management, and direct student services.

Together with education partners at the school, district, and state levels, PCG integrates education technology, specialized learning supports, direct student services, equity advancement solutions, customized curriculum, and professional learning to fuel educational recovery. The following graphic depicts some of the ways we are helping districts target equitable education recovery in the 2021-22 school year, and beyond.

Supports for Basic Needs

Student and Family Engagement Solutions

Finding meaningful, effective, and equitable ways to (re)engage students and families is a top priority for school districts nationwide, including many of the more than 3,000 districts PCG currently serves. Our engagement solutions range from direct student services and consulting to technology, professional development, coaching, and more, and we work closely with our district partners to deliver integrated solutions to meet their specific needs for engagement. Click on the links below for more information.

TutorEd™ by University Instructors

EDPlan Connect™

Re-Engagement Services

PCG works with districts to manage and publish a weekly data dashboard tracking chronic absence, learning loss, and mental health needs. Based on this data, PCG is able to lead technology-enabled campaigns to efficiently reach out to students and their families that need extra support to successfully transition back to school.

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Health, Mental Health, and COVID-19 Record Management Solutions

School nurses play a key role in the success of students and while this was true long before the pandemic, COVID-19 has shined new light on the pivotal role they play. As state and local education agencies take steps to address the pandemic’s impact on students’ social, emotional, and mental health needs, PCG offers technology solutions that help districts meet the specific needs of school-based nurses and healthcare providers. For example, EDPlan Health™ is an efficient, secure, and customizable web-based tool designed to simplify the nursing documentation process, saving valuable time.

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Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) and Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) Solutions

With PCG’s BTA and SRA solutions, districts take an evidence-based, multidisciplinary team approach to identify, evaluate, assess, and support students of concern who present a potential threat to themselves or others. Scalable to accommodate the needs of any district, from small districts and charter schools to the largest districts in the country, our BTA and SRA solutions offer out-of-the-box configurations for student threat assessment aligned to state and local guidelines.

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Innovative Technology Systems


EDPlan is a suite of tools and services from PCG that helps you promote a plan for student success—in special education, academics, behavior, and beyond. Through the EDPlan platform, districts provide case management support to exceptional students that would benefit from specialized supports, including students with disabilities, non-native English speaking students, students with mental health challenges, and those who may be at-risk of dropping out or not meeting grade level expectations.

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Data Interoperability Services

PCG leads several of the most important international technical standards and has built award-winning open source software and services that enable diverse district assets to harness plug-and-play connectivity.

  • Standards Alignment Learning Tool (SALTTM) is a leader in the emerging field of open learning ecosystems that PCG developed to lead and test creation of IMS Global’s new Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE). More information about SALT is available here.
  • Teach Every Child Connector (TECC) is the first industry tool of its kind to eliminate keystrokes by integrating student specific instructional data directly into a district’s learning management system. TECC helps teachers maximize their time and improve their instructional practice, so that students learn more. Click here for more information about TECC.


Data Dashboards

With PCG’s data dashboards, districts can track chronic absence, learning loss, and mental health needs week-to-week. Based on this data, PCG is able to lead technology-enabled campaigns to efficiently reach out to students and their families that need extra support to successfully transition back to school.

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Direct Student Services


PCG offers in-person and virtual academic tutoring services through University Instructors, a PCG company, and its TutorED™ program. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of each district and its K-12 students, TutorED services may include: 

  • High intensity school day instruction on specific subjects to address learning losses and negative impacts students have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Extension of learning recovery and enrichment outside of the instructional school calendar through academic, additional enrichment activities, and social-emotional learning (SEL) for students in kindergarten through grade 12.
  • Prioritization of students with disabilities or students most at risk.
  • Credit recovery for students to meet instruction and graduation requirements for core and elective courses.
  • Outreach to families and students to increase participation in programs offering a fun, positive environment with enrichment activities to counteract the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on student social interactions and development.

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EPIC® Afterschool and Summer Camp Programs

Engage students in face-to-face or synchronous remote half-day camps with PCG’s EPIC® programs, offered through University Instructors, a PCG company. These programs are designed to be Educational, Purposeful, Innovative, and Creative; they provide students with high-quality out-of-school time opportunities to encourage the development of essential social, emotional and academic skills. EPIC® programs are comprehensive and include all content, supplies, and manipulatives. In addition, each program is fully customized to meet the needs of your students and staff.

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Supports for Teachers & Leaders

Custom Curriculum

PCG helps districts implement rigorous standards that provide a pathway for students to prepare for college or globally competitive career options. Our team is ready to help customize and integrate curriculum, professional learning, and data-driven instructional services to help your students realize the promise of college and career readiness.

Mastery-Based Grading

Transformation of teaching and learning from traditional (letter grade and on demand standardized assessments) to mastery-based grading that recognizes evidence of performance associated with specific learning objectives.

Professional Development & Coaching

Now more than ever, it is essential for leaders to focus on policy and practice to develop a culturally and linguistically responsive environment where students have access to equitable instruction evidenced through measurable outcomes.

Equity Playbook for Leaders™

A robust collection of targeted resources, tools, and professional learning activities, the Equity Playbook for Leaders is designed to help district and school leaders drive sustainable equity initiatives. PCG’s Playbook platform delivers just-in-time support through sequenced actions focused on specific needs, expert-curated resources, and access to a network of peers. We combine these actions with coaching, mentoring, and collaboration experiences—all in one centralized place.

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Professional Learning Services - Pepper™

PCG’s Pepper platform creates professional learning communities that bring district educators in contact with nationally recognized leaders like Glenn Singleton and leverages state of the art technology to manage stackable micro-credentials.

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Organizational Change Management


PCG has pioneered an approach to stakeholder management that brings diverse perspectives together to sustain innovation, collaboration, and aligned focus.

Equity Audits

PCG works with client partners across the U.S. to conduct program and system audits with an equity focus to help school systems identify mechanisms that promote closing the achievement gap and creating a more equitable educational experience for all students. Through the lens of equity, our audits consider all aspects of education services delivery including: 

  • Inclusive curriculum 
  • Staff diversity
  • Resource distribution 
  • Community engagement

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Courageous Conversations about Race

The Courageous Conversations about Race online program developed in collaboration with renowned racial equity expert, Glenn Singleton, supports improvements in culture and climate and provides a framework for productive interracial dialogue about race. The asynchronous online format offers districts an effective means of providing educators and other staff with impactful content and strategies leading to meaningful and sustainable changes in practice. Furthermore, the program includes synchronous opportunities for learners to participate in professional learning communities, expand on course topics, and strategies for practice implementation.

Equity, Cultural, and Linguistic Competency Programs

PCG offers online courses that provide educators with critical knowledge to enrich their cultural understanding, address equity, and support them in becoming culturally and linguistically responsive educators. These courses build educator knowledge and skills through instruction that meets a wide variety of learners’ needs and cultivates meaningful engagement in the classroom.

Special Education, Inclusion, and Intervention Projects

We strongly believe in high-level achievement for students with disabilities through optimal services and supports and equitable access to high-quality instruction in an inclusive environment. Our special education consulting work focuses on the following key areas: 

  • Special education program and process reviews to help states and districts improve special education and equitable outcomes.
  • A focus on student outcomes by strengthening program delivery and building capacity through inclusive education.


EDPlan™ Case Management

EDPlan Case Management is PCG’s web-based special education case management tool. It is used by school districts spanning 30+ states across the U.S. With EDPlan Case Management, districts can achieve and maintain federal and state compliance and improve processes and procedures for special education, Section 504, intervention, and behavioral programs.

EDPlan Case Management’s flexible, user-friendly design is both convenient and efficient.

It features:

  • Customized dashboards that give each user access to the exact data they need when they need it.
  • Compliance alerts that are embedded throughout the special education process, notifying users of key events and due dates that align with federal and state regulations.
  • Special education processes that are clear and manageable.
  • Robust, actionable, flexible reporting options at all levels.


As part of our commitment to equity for each student and to support our clients with countering bias when serving students with disabilities, we recently implemented the following EDPlan Case Management features:

  • Nicknames can be entered or uploaded within a student’s profile to allow for students to be referred to by their preferred name if they have not yet changed their name legally.
  • The gender identification field on students’ individualized education programs (IEPs) in the system has been disabled for all forms that are generated/printed for each state.


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