Title 1 Next | Optimize Title I Administration and Operational Efficiency

Why Title 1 Next?


Cloud-Based Compliance and Document Management Software for the Entire District

PCG’s Title 1 Next™ provides documentation management and supports district-wide
compliance monitoring for all Title l, federal programs, central office administration, and
related departments. The platform ensures central office administrators can quickly
disseminate, retrieve, evaluate, and approve an unlimited number of federal programs
and central office department documents. In addition, administrators can create customized
workflows to ensure the documents are reviewed and/or signed off by the appropriate
school and central officer administrators in a process defined by your district.

Key Features

  1. Unlimited storage
  2. Multiple e-signatures/approvals
  3. Create your own workflow
  4. Compliance Calendar
  5. Administrator Dashboard
  6. Automated Compliance Alerts and Notifications
  7. Compliance Management
  8. ESSA Implementation Support
  9. Task Management


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