EDPlan Connect™

Family interacting with child's school information.


EDPlan Connect

Increase Family Engagement in all Aspects of a Student’s Education

EDPlan Connect is our all-in-one caregiver portal that promotes increased family involvement in a child’s education. Whether it’s signing an Individualized Education Program (IEP), consenting to bill Medicaid, or prescribing services via Order/Referral, with EDPlan Connect, caregivers now have a central place to:

  • Access student records online and in their native language
  • Sign documents electronically and save time
  • Receive automatic and personalized notifications from other key stakeholders
  • Stay up to date with student progress


How does EDPlan Connect work?

After a school identifies the level of access for each stakeholder and actions needed, auto-alerts are sent to caregivers, doctors, and others informing them of any required
actions on their part. From there, caregivers may begin reviewing, monitoring, or signing documents based on their access. Our portal offers:

  • Increased compliance for special education and Medicaid,
  • Full transparency regarding student’s eligibility, IEP, and service information, as well as visibility of all finalized documents on the student’s record,
  • Automatic translations for families in their native language,
  • Secure place for individuals to complete required actions and provide feedback, and
  • Built in tools to electronically sign documents from a lap top, tablet, or mobile device.


Why is family involvement so critical to student success?

Research tells us that family engagement produces students who are more likely to:

 EDPlan Connect


Bundle EDPlan Connect with PCG’s other Family & Community Engagement Solutions, PCG Notifier and EDPlan Translation, for even greater impact.