Strategy, Architecture, Planning and Procurement

Our Strategy, Architecture, Planning and Procurement services help organizations develop and maintain the approaches, methodologies, artifacts, and training materials they need to plan for, acquire, and make effective use of information technology (IT). We focus on enabling organizations to navigate the IT planning life cycle and eventually improve performance by using IT to collect, analyze, store, display, and share information in support of its critical lines of business.

Acquisition Support

We can also help you navigate the acquisition process, from acquiring a vendor to designing, developing and implementing the new technology. We’ll work with you to develop solicitations that bring clarity to what can be a complex acquisition process and that can dramatically minimize risk to protect the best interests of the state.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our consultants will work with you to redesign how your organization functions to provide services to its client populations, and set the overall direction for technology initiatives and operations moving forward.

Enterprise Architecture

PCG can help empower your organization make better management decisions, both operationally, through more thorough impact analysis, and strategically, by linking IT investment decisions with the strategic objectives that drive them to the resulting performance outcomes. 

To do this, we offer a set of frameworks, practices, and tools that help you identify, represent, and manage the complex relationships between strategic goals, business processes, information needs, and technology, so you can better plan and manage advances in each area. 

Feasibility Studies, Alternatives Analyses and Advanced Planning Documents

We can develop feasibility studies, alternatives analyses, and advanced planning documents to help you obtain project approval and funding from federal and state sources for acquiring and implementing new technology in support of changing business needs and new delivery models.

Strategic Planning

We can help you develop an IT Strategic Plan to guide the organization in planning, procuring, implementing, and managing IT investments and resources, and to provide a roadmap for implementing your organization’s shared vision of how technology can be used to help achieve your goals.