Our Business Enablement services help our clients improve and sustain their operational capability and maturity. These services are also designed to be complementary to services within our other major business lines.

Management Engineering & Governance

Management Engineering focuses on applying an integrated set of disciplines or services to help organizations achieve their transformation goals while managing their priorities, project portfolios, and budgets.  Our team can work with you to enable capability / maturity enhancements through Management Engineering principles to identify, plan, implement, and sustain improvements. This approach allows for business-driven change and related technology enablement that’s more ordered, predictable, affordable, and adaptable then less-integrated approaches. It’s also the approach fostered by the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

Our integrated set of disciplines or services includes strong governance, systems engineering standards and practices (e.g., ITIL, IEEE), quality and performance management, and agile project management/IT practices. 

MITA Services

Our team can help you enable the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) that has been promulgated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Bringing deep operational knowledge of Medicaid, our team provides full life-cycle support to enable MITA and Medicaid agency advancement of capability/maturity changes facilitated by PCG’s MITA Open Toolkit.

Our services include:

  • State Self-Assessment (SS-A) and Change Roadmap supports
  • Structured enablement of business, information, and technical architectures
  • Enabling and integrating modular solutions and operational changes
  • Certification and funding supports.


Privacy & Security

PCG can help enable change that meets or exceeds requirements for privacy and security, using methods built on industry standards and practices that ensure compliance with an array of state, federal, local, and other operational requirements.

Our services range from assessments and gap analyses, to risk analyses and action planning, to safeguard enablement and operational support. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Methods and tools that address the entire privacy/security regulatory umbrella that organizations are subject to, to avoid confusing layers of compliance.
  • Complete traceability, from source safeguard requirement sources through to itemized compliance gaps to action plans and compliance dashboards.
  • Work products and tools that are understandable, reusable, and sustainable.
  • Risk analysis methods include powerful techniques to monetize risk and compliance costs to stratify compliance actions based on quantitative risk over multiple fiscal cycles.
  • Strong operational and business domain knowledge, allow us to discover and remediate privacy and security leaks/vulnerabilities that are often undetected by conventional methods.


Quality, Performance, & Data Management

This service line is focused on operational performance management, quality disciplines that enable and sustain performance, and the effective management of data/information that underlies performance and quality management.

These services, coupled with other Business Enablement services, can help your organization define and measure current operational performance as well as performance throughout a change life-cycle. We support common quality management disciplines (e.g., Lean, Six-Sigma) to enable a system of continuous process and operational improvement that reduces operational waste and enhances process efficiencies.

Our services range from planning and governance practices to process and architectural enablement to operational and analytic supports. Our methods are highly scalable, allowing us to serve organizations that are new to quality, performance, and data management as well as those that seek to mature existing practices.