Outsourcing and Operations

We have experience with every level of the system, from board leadership to front-line staff, and understand first-hand how each role influences a system’s success.

PCG can manage your employment operations to serve more customers and better prepare your local workforce. We offer data-driven value-added solutions designed to improve employment programs for state and local Workforce Development Boards, AJCs, and TANF Welfare-to-Work agencies.

We offer flexible and innovative creative management of workforce operations, continuously ensuring compliance and progress toward meeting project performance measures. Our team has developed and implemented tools to meet the changing needs of our operations engagements. We use performance-driven technology, supplemental data collection and case management systems, and innovative business processes to maximize human capital and manage workflows.


Services include

Comprehensive Case Management Services 

PCG utilizes a comprehensive, integrated set of case management services to strengthen workforce systems, ensuring that clients’ services are aligned to meet both employers and jobseekers’ needs. Services include:

  • Client assessments to identify strengths as well as barriers to employment
  • Employment advising
  • Job readiness and/or preparedness classes and e-learning
  • Job search assistance
  • Assistance in identifying necessary adjunct services
  • Management of supportive services, including child care and transportation
  • Business services that align to sector-based strategies and effectively engage local employers


Apprenticeship Management

Our apprenticeship team is passionate about building a stronger and more resilient workforce by managing apprenticeship programs that can improve efficiency, quality, and expansion. Our team of experts will help manage and support the needs and compliance requirements for Registered Apprenticeship programs.

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Training Needs Assessments

Each workforce system has a unique mission, vision, and staff capacity needs that drive service delivery. Our approach to capacity building begins with an examination of a system’s strengths and limitations. We use a variety of tools to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all staff and leadership. Clients employ the findings garnered in these assessments to recognize training needs at each level of a local workforce system.

Customized Training Design and Delivery

Given that no two clients are the same, we specifically focus on designing a training curriculum that takes into account each client’s diverse needs and distinct nuances.

Capacity Building Training Offerings

Relevant, high-quality training at every level is key to building an inter-connected workforce system that can withstand change. We recognize that the ebb and flow brought on by changing staff needs, new legislation, regulations or policies, performance trends, and other dynamics requires responsive, just-in-time training. We make the necessary adjustments to our training curriculum to ensure your system is equipped to deliver high-quality service.

Technical Assistance

Building capacity often requires technical assistance, primarily when leadership aims to implement such strategies. PCG supports workforce board leaders and managers by providing technical assistance in the areas that directly and indirectly impact long-term sustainability and continuous improvement, including coaching, strategic planning, data-driven decision making, fiscal oversight, program design, and change management.