Finance Consulting

Maximize your program revenue, allocate shared costs through a collaborative, mutually beneficial process, and manage fiscal activities with sound financial cost principles. We can help.

PCG has created and implemented innovative public sector fiscal strategies that maximize federal revenue, minimize audit risks, allocate expenditures appropriately, and establish sound fiscal operational platforms that comply with state and federal laws, regulations, and OMB guidance. 

Services include

Cost Allocation Plan Development

PCG has national expertise in developing, implementing, and operating compliant cost allocation plans and RMTS programs, developed by seasoned experts on cost allocation principles and federal regulatory guidance.

Fiscal and Program Monitoring

PCG has the expertise in assisting organizations with the fiscal and program monitoring activities of subcontractors.  Additionally, we can help subcontractors prepare for monitoring by their contractors.


PCG can assist in RFP development, program specification requirements, performance measurement, and program evaluation.

Grant Reconciliation

PCG experts have experience reconciling revenues and expenditures by grant and year for all grants under the auspices of Federal and State Departments and local WDBs.

Grant and Contract Management

PCG can assist State organizations and local WDBs in developing repository structures and manuals on how to manage their federal and state program allocations.

Infrastructure Cost Guideline Development

PCG will assist State Departments and local areas in developing infrastructure guidelines and tracking expenditures in accordance with federal regulations and legislation.