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TANF Consulting

How effective is your TANF program? Does your agency struggle to achieve sustained employment for hard-to-serve client populations? We can help.

Agencies that administer the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program face many fiscal and programmatic challenges. Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) is a national leader in TANF consulting services, and our experts have the tools to meet these challenges collaboratively, efficiently, and creatively.

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Why PCG?


Over the past 20 years, more than 30 states and municipalities have selected PCG as a partner to address their TANF needs, including policy and regulatory compliance, Work Participation Rate (WPR) improvement, financial analysis, identification of new Maintenance of Effort (MOE) expenditures, and business process redesign.

An Innovation Mindset

From the development of cutting-edge programming and training based on discoveries in brain science to leading early efforts to access the TANF Contingency Fund, PCG’s clients have benefited from our creativity, data and research-driven solutions, as well as our flexibility in adjusting to key policy shifts.


A Range of Perspectives

When an agency partners with PCG, they get a team of professionals who have multifaceted TANF experience, including state program and budget administration, employment services operations management, front-line casework, staff training development and delivery, and non-profit service provider.


TANF Consulting Services

Program Improvement

Because the needs of TANF agencies are different, PCG offers an array of adaptable consulting services that can be combined and modified to meet our clients’ unique goals.

  • Performance Improvement. PCG works with states to assess their TANF programs and identify improvements that can maximize performance and improve outcomes for clients. PCG has conducted in-depth assessments to determine opportunities for enhanced participation and employment outcomes that included assessments of, and recommendations for, training, work activity business processes, and policies related to eligibility and work activities.

  • Coaching Training. When a county TANF agency identified the need for a client-directed TANF system that puts families in the driver’s seat, our team designed and implemented coaching training for case managers leveraging brain science research that shows adults’ executive function can be improved through skills development.

  • TANF Program Design and Process Improvement. TANF agencies have partnered with PCG to design employment-focused diversion programs, achieve compliance with state and federal requirements, and to streamline childcare subsidy assistance for TANF and non-TANF participants.


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PCG’s consulting services are supplemented and informed by our operations projects. As San Diego, California’s CalWORKs welfare-to-work employment services vendor, we have developed innovative methods to engage and prepare clients for a more self-sufficient future.

Financial Management

State budget reductions often present difficult choices for agencies that serve needy populations. Our clients rely on PCG’s depth of TANF financing knowledge to maintain services and programming for those they serve.

  • TANF MOE Consulting Services. During the past 20 years, we have partnered with states to identify and claim more than $5 billion dollars of TANF and TANF MOE expenditures, including MOE from state TANF agencies, other state agencies and thirdparty organizations. Client states have retained more than $2 billion in new federal revenue through the TANF Contingency and Emergency Funds with PCG’s support.

  • Solely State Program Analysis. Several states have chosen to implement “solely state programs” funded outside of TANF in order to best serve targeted populations. PCG provides a comprehensive analysis of the fiscal and programmatic impacts of selecting this option, such as its effect on the Caseload Reduction Credit.

We also assist in the preparation of federal TANF reports impacted by financing decisions, including the ACF-196R,
ACF-204 and ACF-202.

PCG’s TANF consulting team closely follows the status of federal legislation. When TANF is reauthorized, PCG will be prepared to provide guidance on any changes, including those that impact work participation, allowable expenditures, and MOE requirements. Download PCG's TANF Consulting Services data sheet to learn about the additional benefits and more!

Let the PCG team work for you! Contact us to learn more about how we can help.