Change is constant. Organizations must continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best way to move forward. The methods for this work must be practical, the results must be visible, and the improvements must endure. In response, PCG has developed a strategic approach to making meaningful and lasting change in government organizations. We call it Sustainable Change.

What is Sustainable Change? It’s a bundle of knowledge and tools that support the growth, change and revitalization of organizations and their operations. With Sustainable Change, we help agencies and their leaders take control of their work, set and execute strategy, and produce change that sticks.

How does your organization navigate and execute change?

In our new ebook, An Introduction to Sustainable Change, we share how Sustainable Change can help individuals and organizations:

  • focus on the right things
  • set and execute strategy
  • pivot amid change
  • make great decisions
  • build capacity


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