Program Consulting

Helping low-income families achieve self-sufficiency is the most important jobs of public assistance agencies. PCG can help your agency review its policies to ensure they provide the most flexibility to help clients achieve success. This includes reviewing TANF Work Participation rules and regulations; confirming that that your SNAP Employment and Training program is structured to take advantage of the most federal resources possible; and assessing your housing and homelessness services to ensure a streamlined and person-centered approach.

Additionally, PCG is a thought leader in helping human services agencies integrate executive function informed models, like coaching, into their programs.  PCG’s public assistance consulting can help you develop front-life staff, improve processes, and promote better client outcomes.

One way to improve programs is through continuous professional development for your staff. PCG provides professional development and training services to assist human services agencies in building the competencies of staff, and leadership so that they have the right knowledge, skills, and tools to deliver high quality services. We promote workplace excellence by employing innovative learning and development practices in our curriculum design, development and training delivery.

Is your state prepared for TANF Reauthorization?

Is your state prepared for TANF Reauthorization?

The House Ways and Means committee released the Jobs and Opportunity with Benefits and Services for Success (JOBS) Act in May 2018, and many consider the bill to be an indicator of coming reforms to the TANF program. States should anticipate reforms like those outlined in the bill when Reauthorization occurs. We recommend several steps to support the planning process to focus spending on core activities and programs, prepare for employment-focused measures, and maximize the impact of spending on child care and child welfare programs.

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Program Evaluation

PCG evaluates a range of human services programs, conducting outcome, process, and cost evaluations.  Data are collected through interviews, focus groups, document reviews, observations, surveys, and from a variety of management information systems.  PCG can help you invest in programs that work.


Workload Studies

Workload is an ongoing issue for many public agencies. While human services staff are often assigned more cases than they can reasonably handle, understanding the true resource need can be challenging. PCG has developed techniques for providing the empirical evidence agencies can use to back up their requests for resources and show where shifts may also help to provide reasonable workloads. By showing the difference between the time workers have available to spend on cases and the time they need to spend on different types of cases to meet policy requirements, PCG is able to provide agency administrators with hard data that can be used politically, fiscally and administratively.


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TANFTrac™ - WPR Tracking Solution

An important aspect of welfare-to-work is learning time accountability. TANFTrac by PCG encourages TANF work-eligible participants to track and submit their own work activity hours. Create the opportunity for your clients to learn time keeping awareness while improving the accuracy and timeliness of actual and verified work activity hours.

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