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Cult of Pedagogy media coverage: Broward County Public Schools takes equity work to the next level with EducatorEd course


Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) in Florida, the sixth largest school district in the United States, serves nearly 300,000 students from widely diverse backgrounds that represent nearly 200 different languages and cultures. To address the challenges this district faced in serving such diverse populations, in February 2018 Broward County enrolled 300 of its educators in Courageous Conversations About Race, an online professional development course powered by PCG’s EducatorEd platform that teaches participants how to talk about race.

In a new interview published by leading educator blog and podcast Cult of Pedagogy, David Watkins, Director of Equity and Diversity for BCPS, and Glenn Singleton, author of Courageous Conversations About Race, discuss the success this course has had in helping to bridge the equity divide at BCPS. The blog post also outlines a set of tools called the Four Agreements that the course equips educators with to have challenging discussions about race: Stay engaged, speak your truth, experience discomfort, and expect and accept non-closure. We are grateful to BCPS for partnering with PCG in their efforts to make progress in race-related conversations and are delighted to see that the results have been significant.

Read the full post and listen to the podcast episode here.