Program Consulting

Improve workforce development programs and increase employment opportunities. We can help.

PCG has over 30 years of experience serving state and municipal human services agencies. As a national leader in workforce development consulting, we use industry best practices to target workforce challenges and collaborate with regional leadership to resolve them. Our team’s expertise includes a thorough understanding of legislation and policies that drive strategic planning and overall system design to specific process improvements that impact day-to-day service delivery and operational effectiveness in the workforce system.


Services include

Program Evaluation

PCG evaluates a range of human services programs, conducting outcome, process, and cost evaluations.  Data are collected through interviews, focus groups, document reviews, observations, surveys, and from a variety of management information systems.  PCG can help you invest in programs that work.

Operations Redesign

PCG helps design effective, integrated, and efficient workforce programs that support customers in achieving sustained employment and maintaining self-sufficiency. Services include:

  • Research on best practices from other states or jurisdictions
  • State and federal regulatory citations to support program changes and adherence to new requirements
  • Trend analysis and future performance projections from extracted program data
  • Identification of new revenue sources
  • Fiscal impact analyses of recommended policy or program changes
  • Policy briefs describing key elements of new program designs
  • Comprehensive reports detailing policy options, fiscal analysis, and programmatic best practices

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning engagements have involved conducting environmental scans of economic and workforce landscapes, facilitating sessions, developing and facilitating processes to prioritize goals, establishing critical benchmarks using Key Performance Indicator (KPI) processes, and setting timelines for meeting each measure.

System Redesign

Our work in system redesign has included WIOA, Wagner-Peyser, TANF, SNAP, Rapid Response, Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Basic Education, and TAA. We work with partners and staff to redesign customer service, helping transform a pre-defined, prescriptive approach to a more consumer-driven, in-demand approach. We employ data-driven strategies to monitor and evaluate the system’s performance and progress as well as invest in system-wide capacity building. Additionally, we develop and align all process guidelines, compliance monitoring tools, and policies that support system design change. To ensure continuous improvement and quality control, we assign quality assurance teams to monitor system progress, compliance, and performance with a process that is focused on development as opposed to punitive.

Thought Leadership

Our experts are nationally recognized thought leaders contributing to key policy and legislative changes, particularly those of WIOA. We educate Board Members, Leadership, staff, and stakeholders regarding funding changes and program planning requirements to help your workforce region manage local systems in a way that best serves job-seekers.