Connecting Transitional-Aged Youth to Resources Anytime, Anywhere

Public Consulting Group's (PCG) Virtual Employment Readiness Assistant (VERA) can help your agency support and improve outcomes for transitional-aged youth – virtually.

Transitional-aged youth (TAY) are young adults, ages 16 to 24, transitioning from state custody or foster care into the community. As young adults age out of care, they can no longer receive assistance from the systems of care that previously provided for many of their needs. They might not have consistent adult guidance or support, as they navigate the challenges of early adulthood.  

Young adults who age out of the foster care system are often left with little support to make the transition into adulthood. As a result, they are more likely to experience poor outcomes than young adults who were not part of the foster care system.

Risks to TAY in Foster Care

For decades, child welfare agencies have been responsible for finding ways to provide transitional living support services to TAY. As the needs of these young adults grow and new legislation has extended the age a child can remain in care, it is essential that state and local agencies improve their transition. PCG’s customizable Virtual Employment Readiness Assistant (VERA) tool can assist agencies with supporting TAY by connecting them to resources related to employment as well as resources for housing, healthcare and social security benefits, post-secondary education, budgeting, and general life skills. 

VERA is an innovative solution that empowers users to receive a job readiness experience in an online environment that mirrors the services available in America’s Job Centers (AJCs). This critical tool attracts customers less likely to seek services in a physical location and provides 24/7 accessibility. VERA incorporates a fluid design, allowing users to access content anytime, anywhere, from any smart device. With VERA, your agency can also provide job assistance services to TAY when virtual access is imperative.

Visit to check out VERA’s demo webpage.  Here is a sample image that includes examples of VERA’s resource options:

VERA Modules

To get started, PCG will assess your community resources and determine gaps in TAY resources to determine the most beneficial ones to customize into your agency’s VERA tool. VERA includes a variety of modules. Each module offers multiple service delivery options to meet your budget and system needs while also allowing for scalability—to ensure that VERA is prepared to adapt to future needs as well. 

The successful transition of TAY into the community requires thoughtful guidance. To find out how we can help support and improve outcomes for the TAY your agency serves, e-mail today!