Embracing Inclusion: PCG Inclusion Champions Selected for Disability:In Next Gen Mentorship 2024 Program

26. April 2024

At Public Consulting Group (PCG), we firmly believe that fostering growth and providing opportunities are fundamental drivers of innovation and excellence. These principles are ingrained in the work we do every day creating solutions that matter to the communities we serve, as is the understanding that to do this work effectively—to help our clients solve their most complex problems so they can better serve their constituents—our workforce must reflect those communities. As such, we are intentionally building and embracing an inclusive workforce culture. Disability:In is one of our key partners in this journey, and we are thrilled to announce that nine of our outstanding employees have been chosen to participate in this year’s DisabilityIn: Next Gen Mentorship Program. 

This will be PCG’s second consecutive year participating in the Next Gen Mentorship Program, which is all about empowering individuals regardless of ability to achieve their full potential. While we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to disability inclusion, this year’s selection holds particular significance for us. Among PCG’s nine mentors, we are delighted to welcome back two seasoned inclusion champions, recognized for their commitment to effecting positive change within our organization and beyond.  

Alongside these mentors, is our Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Sophia Thwaites. Sophia leads by example and is passionate about using her platform to foster an inclusive, engaged workforce culture. Together, the mentors will provide support and guidance to college students or recent graduates with disabilities as they navigate their professional journey. We’re honored to participate in a program that positions individuals with disabilities for success; to us, true success lies in our ability to create an environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background or abilities. 

Through initiatives like the Disability:In Next Gen Mentorship Program, we remain steadfast in our commitment to championing diversity, empowering individuals, and driving positive change in the communities we serve and beyond. Recently, several of our 2024 mentors shared insights into their experiences and what this opportunity means to them... 


What does being a NextGen mentor mean to you?

"Being a NextGen mentor allows me to help empower the next generation of talent to thrive personally and professionally regardless of ability. By connecting with my mentee and attending program trainings, I have also become more informed about accessibility issues, which supports the work I do for PCG and our clients." 

Isabella Leigh
Marketing Communication Specialist,
Corporate Marketing



Reflecting on your experience as a mentor last year, how do you envision building upon that experience in the year ahead? 

"Understanding we all communicate differently is key when establishing a mentor/mentee relationship.  Last year, my mentee and I had sporadic communication initially. Mid-way though our journey, my mentee admitted he does not check email often and asked if we could text instead. The result was outstanding as we began texting on a regular cadence, sharing, and learning from one another. This year, my mentee was not responding to my emails, so instead of continuing to wait, I used the cell number provided to introduce myself via text, and she called within the hour kicking off our relationship." 

Elise Furst
Sr Project Manager



As a mentor last year, what was the most impactful lesson or insight you had gained from your experience? What are you most looking forward to in your role as a mentor this year? 

"Being a Disability:IN mentor last year was such a rewarding experience. I went into the program not sure what to expect as a first-year mentor, especially when there were mentors in other organizations that are in their 8th year as a mentor. Being a mentor was only one part of the program, the different training sessions throughout the program provided a fresh perspective for me around the definition of disability, both seen and unseen. If you don't have a disability, it's likely someone to the right or left of you does. It's critical that we ensure that it is not an obstacle in the work environment by making accessibility a focus for the firm. Specifically, with my NextGen Leader I supported; we were able to find common ground since we shared a similar disability. I was able to help him see that there is no reason his disability should hold him back from career success. This year I am looking forward to building on the foundation of increased awareness I learned last year. Everyone has different needs, so I'm excited to begin building a new relationship this year and hopefully become a small part of their future success."  

Lance Wilson
Sr IT Manager
Corporate CIO



To all our 2024 mentors: Your selection reflects not only your individual dedication but also PCG’s collective commitment to fostering a sense of belonging. We applaud your tireless efforts to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.  

As we embark on this transformative journey together, we’re excited to witness the profound impact our PCG mentors will undoubtedly make. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone! 


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