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Contact Tracing: Delivering Solutions When they Matter Most

7. July 2021 PCG Health


Throughout the pandemic, PCG has established itself as a recognized leader across multiple states—including New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, and Arkansas—in developing contact tracing solutions that have helped public health systems track thousands of exposures and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We have partnered with these states and worked with them on the ground to hire, train, and manage local contact tracing teams.

At PCG, we strive daily to help our public sector partners ideate, develop and deliver solutions that matter. In the wake of the pandemic, we helped our partners deliver these solutions when they mattered most, reflected in the overall reduction of COVID-19 infections in their states. Nothing pleases us more than seeing the impact of our solutions contribute to positive outcomes in the communities they serve.   

The pandemic is retreating, but it’s not over. And until it is, PCG will continue to serve communities by developing innovative solutions to help public health systems track and slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Thomas Aldridge

To learn more about PCG’s contact tracing successes and our work to help governments rise to the challenges of protecting communities from COVID-19, contact:

Thomas Aldridge, Principal