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Announcing Our FY24 EPIC Awards Winner for Impact!

14. March 2024 PCG Blog

PCG’s quarterly employee recognition program, aptly-named the EPIC Awards, is designed to help bring the firm’s four core tenets—Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion, Impact, and Community—to life in a tangible way. Today, we are thrilled to announce that CC Adeyemo, a software engineer in Corporate Technology, has been selected as PCG’s newest EPIC Awards winner in recognition of the impact she has had on her colleagues and the firm’s technical operations.

Since joining PCG in 2019, CC has focused on managing Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications, including version updates and app integrations. CC also handles automation, licensing, and scripting operations, helping software such as Dynamics 365, Remedyforce, and ServiceDesk to work seamlessly and efficiently.

“CC's expertise in automation and streamlining business processes has been a game-changer for the Corporate Technology team. Her creative push towards automating everyday tasks made our workflow quicker, giving us more space to dive into bigger, more strategic projects,” said Mahlet Gebremedhin, a software engineer in Corporate Technology. “Additionally, CC's efforts to enhance self-service options for Teams Voice have markedly improved our internal communication, providing our employees with greater flexibility and autonomy, thereby enhancing collaboration and overall efficiency in the workplace.”

CC’s influence has not only catalyzed firmwide technical innovation, but also laid the foundation for her team’s unity and success. She has fostered an environment of trust and openness, encouraging other team members to share insights and ideas.

“CC has been an unwavering source of support and encouragement for me, consistently lifting me up on even the toughest of days. As one of the most exceptional teammates I've had the privilege to work with, I now also consider her my friend,” said Sam Lau, a software engineer in Corporate Technology. “CC's multifaceted contributions enrich our team dynamic, fostering an environment of continuous improvement, and her dedication and adaptability serve as a beacon of inspiration for us all.”


Congratulations CC on this well-deserved recognition!