PCG Public Health Services to Support Programs under CDC Grant OE22-2203

PCG is well positioned to help health agencies navigate the programs related to this grant given our public health expertise and lessons learned from supporting multiple statewide and local public health efforts over the past three years.

In November 2022, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued significant grant funding to strengthen public health workforce and infrastructure. This historic grant is focused on strengthening workforce, foundational capabilities, and data modernization at state and local levels.

Our Expertise

PCG has been the go-to partner for public health agencies across the country for decades. Our mission is to leverage our strengths to help you capitalize on CDC OE22-2203.

Staff Augmentation

Program Evaluation: PCG employs a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using data to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and improve public health actions.

Program evaluation can be among the first steps taken to determine priorities for grant funding and develop a plan for fund allocation.

Grant Management: PCG is experienced in managing all aspects of grants on behalf of states and smaller entities to ensure that the programmatic and operational goals of the grant funding is met and that administrative and compliance duties are managed efficiently and effectively by outside resources.  

Given the extensive management, reporting, and fiscal oversight responsibilities tied to the receipt of grant funding, grant recipients may need staff to support funding efforts.

Staff Augmentation: PCG can provide highly qualified staff needed to support a wide range of public health priorities, including administrative support, epidemiology, data management, outreach and education, research, interview programs, and more. Our team of consulting, recruiting, and public health experts provide hands-on project management, technology support, and staff management, as well as in-house payroll and HR support. Additionally, PCG-hired staff can fill a temporary, transitional, or long-term resource need.

Getting the right staff in place to support public health programs and priorities is a critical step in advancing grant-related activities.

Workforce Development: Our workforce development team offers expertise in topics such as internal and external pipeline development, onboarding, and retention strategies to preserve highly qualified staff. We can structure and implement on-the-job training, registered apprenticeship models, and learning management systems for new or existing staff.

Workforce development programs will enable you to put the strategies and processes in place to address long-term staffing challenges and strengthen staff retention.

Data Modernization: PCG can advise on data modernization strategy and management, create implementation plans, and implement work plans to support data modernization efforts.

Planning for and implementing data modernization strategies will support your public health programs and improve your ability to collect, manage, and analyze data for data-driven decisions and program improvements.

Project Spotlights

Explore some of our most recent projects detailing services similar to those suggested under CDC OE22-2203:


Program Evaluation: Arkansas

PCG assists with designing and conducting an independent evaluation of a recent extension of the state’s 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver. We use data as our guide to make informed, well-documented recommendations that outline successes as well as areas for improvement.


Grants Management: Missouri

PCG manages funding allocated under the American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA), including administrative and reporting components.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Data Modernization: U.S. Virgin Islands

Together with the territory’s Public Health division, PCG drafted a data modernization proposal to help expand health data exchange capabilities and provide technical assistance and onboarding to community organizations looking to exchange data.

New York

Staff Augmentation: New York

PCG has worked with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to recruit, hire, train, and manage specialized staff to support local health departments (LHD) across the state. Currently, we work with 12 LHDs and manage up to dozens of remote and virtual staff who provide specialized professional services to public health departments.


Workforce Development: Massachusetts

PCG and state partners conducted a baseline capacity assessment to define the current state of the workforce. While these data were being collected, other initiatives were implemented in parallel, including forming regional training hubs, hiring centralized trainers, adopting a centralized learning management system (LMS), and assuming responsibility of licensing for Registered Sanitarians and Certified Health Officers.


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