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Vertical Specialty: Does It Matter in IT?


Guidance for agencies considering innovative technologies

It’s an exciting time for innovation in public sector technology. With a change in orientation toward consumer experience, there are many new vendors and products emerging in the marketplace. Historically, this has been a risk-averse industry, with an inclination toward standing with the old guard; recently, however, there have been a number of unexpected contract awards that have the state and local environment buzzing. Several of our agency partners have, understandably, expressed both curiosity and concern for these new solutions, many of which are untested in the public sector. Innovation is always risky, but the stakes are worth it. 

To help public agencies explore the procurement of innovative technology systems, Public Consulting Group’s Carole Hussey has authored a new blog post outlining five key things agencies should consider before purchasing a solution that hasn’t been implemented in the public domain before. Specifically, Carole encourages agencies to focus on:

  1. Team composition
  2. Scale
  3. Function vs. architecture
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Key Performance Indicators

Carole stresses that while innovation is necessary, it doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Agencies can manage their roadmap and procurements in a way that provides the programmatic expertise when and where they need it, while also implementing modern, innovative technology solutions.

Read Carole’s full article on LinkedIn here.