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PCG introduces VERA to help Workforce systems struggling with COVID-19

26. March 2020 PCG Human Services

As career centers close due to the pandemic, PCG is ready to provide your organization with the support and tools that you and your customers need.

Workforce systems are at the forefront as increased needs and urgency for employment services prevail. In response to this devastating reality, PCG has worked to tailor our customized Virtual Employment Readiness Assistant (VERA) Tool for immediate, emergency deployment to those regions and states where standard workforce services in America’s Job Centers must shift to remote and virtual access.

This tailored version of VERA includes:

Portal Site

Each VERA comes with a customized, branded portal site utilizing a standard PCG VERA template, allowing organizations to easily connect customers and staff with all of the virtual offerings included in your package. The portal includes other tools, such as an event calendar, video library, and links to valuable on-line resources.


The “Learn” module provides customers with remote workshop opportunities designed to meet the specialized needs of job seekers. The course library includes 11 soft skill courses complete with the Learning Management System and report features.

The course content is designed to increase engagement and interactivity, ongoing assessment ensures that learners are absorbing the information, and differentiated instruction ensures course content reaches all learners. Motivate your learners with certificates and badges, course related discussions, and gamified content.

VERA’s Learning Management System (LMS) component provides insight into client interactions, including the amount of time spent in coursework for reporting and program compliance purposes.


Build on-line communities and increase engagement with your customers utilizing our "Network" module. This companion piece to the on- line training platform facilitates interaction and better supports the needs of customers by providing a space where customers can ask questions, interact with peers, engage in critical discourse, and reflect. It provides an ability to increase reach and engage customers using community space dedicated for job seekers.


The "Explore" module is a career exploration tool that includes a suite of assessment tools designed for career counseling, career planning and exploration. It includes career exploration through O*Net, and job search features through our Indeed API. Explore also includes:

  • Links to the state system of record for registration and job search
  • Links to relevant government information and resources for UI
  • Links to local crisis information and support systems
  • Links or APIs to any existing technology that you are currently utilizing for your system (APIs may require additional development time)
  • virtual training for client staff and a User Manual


With this off the shelf instance of VERA, PCG can provide a rapid implementation/launch of the Emergency VERA Platform two weeks post contract.

Contact us today at to learn more about the virtual products and services PCG offers.