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New white paper: Rethinking School Safety in the New Normal


In his decades of experience spanning many roles, PCG’s special education subject matter expert Will Gordillo has personally experienced some very tragic events on the job that unexpectedly escalated to a crisis-level, involving incidents of violence and threats initiated by students. While he was fortunate to work in school districts that used available frameworks as resources, the processes were often paper- and form-driven, had great variability, lacked uniformity, and were sometimes not consistently implemented as they were intended, all of which impacted fidelity.

In a new white paper titled Rethinking School Safety in the New Normal, Will outlines how one essential prevention strategy that all districts can benefit from implementing is an evidence-based threat assessment which can identify serious threats and prevent violence in schools.

Specifically, the paper examines:

  • The steps for preventing targeted school violence
  • The importance of behavioral and mental health services in mitigating risks
  • Thought-provoking points regarding threat assessments and students with disabilities
  • Key changes emerging from enacted or proposed legislation that are impacting practices
  • Comprehensive threat assessment models and solutions, including an overview of PCG’s behavioral threat assessment (BTA) solution


To read the full white paper, download a free copy here.