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Public Partnerships | PPL supports individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and aging adults in their choice to remain in their homes and communities and ‘self’ direct their own long-term care. 

This is an alternative to admittance into restrictive long-term institutional care or using home-care agencies that offer them little to no choice and control over their support workers and services.

As a Financial Management Service (FMS) provider, we support those eligible Medicaid recipients in their role as the employer, to hire and pay for their chosen care/support workers and services within their state approved, personalized plan and budget. 

We are the nation’s largest and most experienced FMS provider serving 43 self-directed programs across 22 states. This includes over 120,000 individual program participants and their 133,000+ care/support workers. We currently manage over $3.1B in payroll and $67M in goods and services funds.


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Staffing Solutions Organization LLC (SSO), a Public Consulting Group Company, is focused on delighting clients with world-class managed staffing and talent consulting services. SSO is committed to a diverse workforce, which is a reflection of our clients and the people they serve.         

SSO operates an industry-leading staffing model with three main components:

  • Talent Acquisition – sourcing, screening, interviewing and selecting talent
  • Talent Management – onboarding, engaging and developing talent
  • Talent Consulting – helping clients with a full spectrum of talent support


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University Instructors, Inc. (UI), a subsidiary of Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) has more than 25 years of experience providing K-12 schools and districts with services designed to improve student performance and save administrators and teachers valuable time. Our distinguished network of locally-based, highly motivated and caring educators and professionals are committed to providing schools with evidence-based, effective instructional programs as well as providing the resources necessary for staff development, intervention initiatives, program implementation, supplemental instruction, extended day and summer camp programs.


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