EDPlan Health™ for School Nursing

EDPlan Health

School nurses do more than just care for sick kids. There are service and medication documentation requirements, comprehensive student health information records, and more documentation that needs to be completed every day.

EDPlan Health meets all school nursing documentation needs with web-based tools that simplify the entire nursing documentation process for school nurses across your district.

Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use system
  • Health alerts
  • Student pictures
  • Draft and edit logs
  • Medication inventory tracking
  • Individualized Healthcare Plans
  • Immunization compliance
  • Logging templates
  • Mass screenings
  • Drill-down reporting options
  • Optimize Medicaid reimbursement
  • Ongoing access to PCG Help Desk
  • HIPAA & FERPA compliance
  • End-of-year summary report
  • Medicaid audit report


Service Documentation and Reporting

Nurses can log services with minimal “system clicks” by setting certain fields to defaulted values. Dropdown options and multi-select lists are configurable and customized to meet your district’s needs. A viewable Service Log Report allows nurses to see services provided for students for any time period. All reports are printable and can be filtered for viewing by categories such as service, outcome, or diagnosis.

EDPlan Health Features

Medication Logging

EDPlan Health’s Medication Daily Administration Logging Wizard provides a daily calendar of all students’ medication needs, including time, status, medication, and dosage. Nurses can easily identify if the medication has been logged for a student and track medication inventories. In addition, the system can be set to warn the nurse when a medication reaches a certain threshold.

EDPlan Health Features

Health Information Page

An all-inclusive page displays student health information, alerts, nursing services, medication services, and immunization records.Health data can be imported from other systems, but nurses can also add, edit, or remove any information as necessary. This page also displays student immunization compliance based on state requirements. EDPlan Health can also create Individual Health Plans that list diagnosis, special considerations, goals, and objectives.

All nursing and medication services are captured and maintained permanently in a student’s record and will follow the student if he or she changes schools.


EDPlan Health Features