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Make your general education interventions count with EDPlan B4IEP

B4IEP helps school districts successfully implement Coordinated Early Intervening Services. This new web-based system manages academic and behavior interventions, provides ongoing progress monitoring of interventions, and securely houses all important documentation of parental involvement, observations, data reviews, and more. With B4IEP your district can:

  • Easily create or modify an intervention plan for a student in one or more areas of need
  • Group students together for greater convenience
  • Gauge intervention effectiveness with progress monitoring tools
  • Optional translation services for documents provided to parents in their native language


Benefits of EDPlan B4IEP

  • Regulates a district’s process to determine eligibility for special education services
  • Provides necessary documentation to meet local and national compliance guidelines
  • Increases district compliance with Pre-Referral Services provisions of both IDEA 2004 and Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Enables parents to be involved in the data-based problem-solving intervention process
  • Provides overall efficiencies for educators and administrators


Advantages of EDPlan B4IEP for Current EasyIEP™ Customers

Monitor students more efficiently

Student information is already integrated in the EDPlan system, enabling access to all relevant student documents in one location (e.g., intervention plans, progress monitoring tools, IEPs, student profiles, etc.).

Extend your capabilities

Since general education intervention requirements are often the responsibility of the Special Education Department, access to this additional EDPlan solution extends your management capabilities for compliance and student success prior to referral.

Improve effectiveness

Make data-driven decisions to expedite appropriate referrals to your office and reduce over (and inappropriate) identification of students for special education.