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Public Consulting Group Expands Digital Learning Solutions Offerings

9. February 2017 Stephen Skinner Education

BOSTON, Feb. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Public Consulting Group (PCG) today announced the expansion of its Digital Learning Solutions offerings through the application of content and resources developed by Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS).  KDS was a leading provider of a large catalog of more than 80 online professional development courses for educators.  Each course is based on the characteristics of effective professional learning: that it be intensive, sustained, and continuous with significant time devoted to a single topic, have a specific content focus, involve active collegial learning, and include online coaching, modeling, observation, and feedback.

This course library allows educators and district leaders access to the content and resources they need, delivered in a scalable, relevant format, according to the standards recognized and promoted by industry leaders to maximize effectiveness. These courses have been organized into five areas of concentration: college and career readiness, addressing needs of diverse learners, new teacher induction and mentoring, data driven decision making, and blended learning.  The course catalog includes content from leading authors and experts in the field, including the University of Southern California's Rossier School of Education faculty, The Education Research Collaborative, Community Training and Assistance Center, and many more.

"Today more than ever, educators need access to high quality professional development tools to ensure that their students receive a world-class education in a constantly shrinking globe," said Alvin Crawford, General Manager, Education, at PCG and former CEO of KDS.  "This new catalog will nicely complement PCG's already extensive offerings."

In addition to the course catalog, PCG is also deploying Professional Learning Platform, a robust educator social networking and collaboration platform developed by KDS.  The platform includes on-demand, high quality resources, community created and shared lessons and resources, virtual communities of practice, course authoring tools for district staff, tools to support coaching, observation, and feedback, and the ability to create individualized learning plans.

The content and platform enhance PCG's current online, blended, and face to face professional development offerings in the Pepper suite of applications, and allows for a broader spectrum of solutions to help districts and states transform leadership and teaching system wide.

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