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Los Patojos founder Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes sponsored by PCG at this year’s SXSWedu Conference

2. May 2018 PCG PCG Cares

In a school of 300 students 2,500 miles from Public Consulting Group's headquarters in Boston, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes demonstrates every day the power of an idea that is core to PCG's mission: Education, health care, and human services such as providing adequate shelter, food, clothing, and family resources are all critical services in the lives of young people. And when these three missions are seen--and delivered--as parts of an integrated, holistic focus on the needs of individuals, and not the functional silos of government or institutions, the effect on the people we are committed to serving can be transformational.

As different as we may be in size, scope, location, and functions, PCG has recognized and been deeply inspired by the reality that we and Juan Pablo have so much fundamentally in common in how we think about the role government and organizations can play in meeting the needs of people and unleashing all their potential.

PCG has been profoundly honored to support the work of Juan Pablo--including supporting and facilitating his inspiring presentations at this year's SXSWedu in Austin, Texas, in March. You can see videos of his remarks at SWSXedu here and here.

Los Patojos was founded by Juan Pablo 11 years ago as an after-school program with the goal of improving the lives of children throughout Guatemala. Since that time, the center, located in Jocotenango, Guatemala, has grown into a thriving year-round school and community center, with an innovative campus whose mission is to treat the “whole child.” Guided by this philosophy, more than 300 students are provided with hot meals, healthcare, and social services. The school boasts a 100 percent literacy rate, full science and math program, and English language classes, as well as programs for art, music, technology, and character development.

Last year, with donations from corporate sponsors, including PCG, Los Patojos purchased a storefront to sell baked goods, land to grow crops, and launched a vocational school. These efforts will help Los Patojos become financially self-sustaining, so they can realize their goals of opening 100 schools and changing the future of Guatemala.

PCG is proud to support Los Patojos holistic approach to the students in their care. More than just a school, Los Patojos provides valuable community services, without which the students would not be able to succeed academically. In addition, their efforts to become self-sustaining will hopefully inspire others to create similar programs in their own communities.

To date PCG has raised more than $75,000 for the program and encouraged PCG staff to visit Los Patojos to see firsthand the work they are doing. We hope you’ll enjoy these videos of Juan Pablo’s remarks at SXSWedu–and see from them why PCG is so inspired to support the life-changing work he and Los Patojos team do every day.