PCG’s New Virtual and Onsite Space Education Options for the K-12 Classroom

The first crew to walk on Mars are in classrooms today. Are they in yours?

PCG is proud to partner with the Aldrin Family Foundation to become the leader in K-12 Space Education. Together, we offer curriculum, during-class or after-school Space Camp programming, and exciting, gigantic maps of Mars and the Moon, complete with interactive, student-designed robot rovers to explore the surface of Mars and the Moon.

PCG’s K-12 Space Education program includes:


PCG offers unique and innovative K-12 curriculum that pulls in the key concepts of space exploration into a fascinating discussion that includes assignments and lesson plans that fit into the English Language Arts (ELA) classroom.

Our team can also create custom curriculum for you and help you to assess your current curriculum investments and align them to our new era of remote and digital learning.

Our K-12 Space Education Curriculum is built on concepts that include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) and essential elements of English Language Arts (ELA), such as:

  • Engaging students in a robust study of science concepts while they build powerful literacy skills.
  • Giving students opportunities to develop their own answers to timely and timeless questions about space through inquiry-based research projects.
  • Providing students with opportunities to investigate the science embedded in these questions and participate in collaborative group problem solving.
  • Incorporating reading and writing about complex, authentic, informational text into the lessons.


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PCG is proud to present this free digital activity created in partnership with the Aldrin Family Foundation and ShareSpace Education.

This convenient, virtual course empowers students to design a lunar complex with family and classmates for people who will soon travel to the Moon to visit the site of the historic Apollo landing. Complex visitors will have opportunities to explore the lunar modules, footprints, American flags, and astronaut artifacts. The course is filled with actual NASA videos that will make this virtual experience come to life!

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SPACE CAMPS (Virtual or On Site)

Students in sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade can attend a virtual, STEAM-based EPIC (Educational, Purposeful, Innovative, and Creative) Camp co-developed by University Instructors and the Aldrin Family Foundation.

EPIC Camps leverage key concepts of space and STEAM and include activities that can inspire students to pursue STEAM-related careers.

Student campers will envision future space exploration while engaging in activity-based challenges that investigate 21st century learning skills.

The following base components are part of every camp session:

  • Thinking skills
  • Academic content and knowledge
  • Social and emotional intelligences
  • Employability and life skills
  • College and career preparedness


EPIC Camp Sessions:

  • Focus on STEAM concepts: connecting the critical learning of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with the Arts—to spark inquiry and innovation for students.
  • Deliver hands-on, real-world activities for students—to foster collaboration.
  • Provide a positive, small-group environment for students—with a 10:1 student/instructor ratio.


EPIC Camp Services facilitate all logistics, including student recruitment materials, online registration, content, staff management, and oversight.

Let us help you create a memorable, interactive space camp experience for your students. Select your camp length, choose your modules, select any enhanced services, and you will be ready to go!

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Our giant Moon and Mars floor maps include lesson plans, a robotic rover, and an engaging virtual reality component.

Students can explore the surfaces of the Moon and Mars using this interactive, virtual, cross-curricular program!

Join school districts across the U.S. that offer the most exciting addition to curriculum since astronauts first walked on the Moon! 

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