COVID-19 Pandemic Response Management

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Management Contact Tracing, Case Investigation, & Exposure Notification

Public Consulting Group (PCG) provides a seamless, results-based solution to COVID-19 identification, notification, and containment. This includes contact tracing, investigation, and monitoring that is timely and effective. In partnership with local agencies and communities, it is integrated with exposure notification technology.

PCG has onboarded more than 10,000 contact tracing staff in multiple states across the U.S. and offers the expertise to immediately launch this scalable solution to meet the needs of your state or community. We have built this work on a foundation of experience. In the past five years, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we completed 125,000+ healthcare investigations, reviews, and training sessions.

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Features include

  • Experienced Tracers and Investigators
  • Focus on Local Health Departments and Communities
  • Data and Technology: Utilization and Integration
  • Virtual Call Center


Experienced Tracers and Investigators

With approximately 4,000 contact tracers, case investigators, and clinicians, PCG can quickly provide you with the staff you need, fully trained and prepared to produce results. We provide:

  • Patient outreach and education from qualified staff to educate cases and contacts about isolation and quarantine. This includes hygiene in the home setting and advice on resources and supports for individuals of varying ages and health conditions.
  • Training that ensures all investigators and tracers are fully prepared. We can train state, local, and agency staff.
  • Our network of physicians that includes infectious disease experts. They offer extensive medical expertise inclusive of epidemiology and infectious disease.


Focus on Local Health Departments and Communities

PCG recruits from the communities we serve, which ensures that our tracers and investigators are connected to their community, supporting the health economies of your local communities. Teaming with local agencies, we have a strong focus on adopting new approaches and integrating components of existing approaches from Tribal and local health departments, universities, and neighboring states.

Data and Technology: Utilization and Integration

Exposure Notification app technology is an emerging solution to quickly and anonymously notify those who have been exposed in a private and secure manner—but an app alone won’t curb the spread of infection. PCG can ensure that the app is complemented with the human element to ensure widespread support and use. We can provide a supportive and engaging voice for a contact to reach by phone when they are notified of an exposure. This ensures that the information and resources they need to successfully get tested and quarantine are communicated in a clear, more personal way.

PCG can also introduce our own systems to the process as well as integrate with existing systems, such as Salesforce, CommCare, AWS Connect, and more. We have the technology and expertise to handle large volumes of data and conduct essential analyses quickly. We already have data-sharing agreements in place with many state health and human service agencies.

Virtual Call Center

PCG operates a remote call center to support the following components:

  • Scalable remote call center staffing
  • Portable, cloud-based, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony platform that only requires internet access
  • Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity for required systems
  • Remote training program delivered to the homes of support staff
  • Quality control for effective oversight: 100% call recording + screen capture

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