Apprentice Business Analyst (ABA) Program

PCG has begun recruiting for the Apprentice Business Analyst Program

Public Consulting Group (PCG) provides industry-leading management consulting and technology to help public sector education, health, human services, and other government clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need.

For nearly 30 years, PCG has offered dynamic and challenging career opportunities with performance-driven rewards. Our corporate culture attracts candidates who are results-oriented and interested in serving the public sector while furthering their careers. Based on project needs and employees' skills and interests, PCG provides ongoing opportunities for learning and individual growth, through formalized training and hands-on project experience.

Apprentice Business Analyst Program

PCG looks for highly talented and results-oriented recent college graduates with drive, determination and the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment to enter into its Apprentice Business Analyst (ABA) Program. Goals of the ABA program include the development of core competencies, such as achievement orientation, business process analysis, client orientation, relationship building and other technical consulting skills which are essential for a successful Business Analyst at PCG.

"What PCG offers, in terms of opportunity, flexibility, travel, benefits, internal supports and education, and MUCH more made my choice an easy one."

A PCG ABA works on challenging assignments in various settings alongside senior consulting staff members to gain diverse project experience and knowledge. As an ABA, your growth is additionally supported by a Mentor who is part of a team dedicated to ensuring Business Analysts build a solid foundation for success through serving a diverse client base in various settings, playing an integral role on our project teams, and partaking in performance development activities, such as the PCG University Cohort Immersion training Program (ChIP). 

PCG ABA Testimonials

Zane Wyrick

  • Practice Area: Human Services
  • Current job: Senior Consultant
  • Location: Nashville, TN


“Coming out of college, I felt overwhelmed about how I was going to start a real career that was relevant to my degree. The "ground floor" that operates in my field isn't actually on the ground at all—many require two to three years of relevant experience to even be considered. I knew I wanted to make a difference in government, but I didn't know how I would reach that point.

Luckily, I was referred to PCG, and did not think twice on whether I should apply... When I joined PCG as an Associate Business Analyst, I was given all the tools to succeed and thrive in the company. The people that I work with are all fantastic, and truly care about the work they're doing to help our public sector clients do what they need done. I've met and worked with people that are located all across the country—from Boston to Atlanta, Denver to San Diego. From day one during my time with PCG, I feel that I have had the support needed through a network of mentors, peers, and supervisors whom all want to keep this company growing and see its resources succeed.

Here I am, almost seven years later, and nearly every day I get to work on something new and exciting. I can easily see myself continuing with PCG for years to come. Working for PCG requires one to have dedication and the drive for self-improvement, the will to avoid the easy path, and the desire to do what's best for our clientele. This isn't a job, it's a career. Every day I put my best work forward because it's my job to help government function at its best, and I'm doing what I love. If you're considering joining the ABA program, my question for you is: why haven't you applied yet?!


Typical ABA Responsibilities

  • Participate in proposal development teams through activities such as writing sections, coordinating team efforts, and preparing proposal submissions.
  • Develop presentations collateral for conferences/seminars.
  • Conduct financial analysis and other quantitative activities for various clients.
  • Coordinate and communicate project requirements and client expectations.
  • Prepare and present written status reports for clients.
  • Conduct program and policy research.
  • Define, document, and improve business processes.
  • Learn Web-based technologies and lead clients through implementation and training processes.
  • Use database management systems to gather and analyze data.
  • Provide various project management support to other experienced staff members.


ABA Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, organizational, research, presentation, time management, problem-solving, and oral and written communication skills.
  • A detail-oriented problem solving approach to business issues.
  • Self-starter possessing intellectual curiosity.
  • Good judgment in completing tasks and in seeking guidance when needed.
  • A commitment to deliver exceptional client service and contribute in a team environment.
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft applications.
  • Proficiency with database management systems is desirable.
  • Attitude of taking initiative, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn.
  • Core interest in finance, education, human services, health care, or public sector consulting.
  • Expectation and commitment to hard work.
  • Travel flexibility based on client and team needs.


If you believe you are a fit for the ABA program, please apply here.