The decision to use technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations is a given in today's world. The challenge is in the deciding of what technology and how you implement it to maximize the return on your investment. Understanding the value of your information and knowing how to secure it comes from more than just having theoretical knowledge. PCG Technology consultants have real world experience in planning and assessing enterprise architectures that focus on meeting your business needs today with a focus on building towards the future.

PCG Technology Consulting's Technical Services Include

Application Maintenance & Operations

PCG offers project management, senior technical consultant and application development staff who understand M&O and the processes and tasks needed to successfully update software and hardware to fix outstanding bugs, incorporate new features, improve performance, and/or protect against application or system failure.

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Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning has evolved beyond its traditional focus on disaster recovery to include planning and design for IT and business process resilience. This evolution is driven, in part, by the growing linkage between IT and business processes as enterprises deploy more real-time, outward-facing applications that support critical business processes. Enterprises must implement comprehensive business continuity planning programs that address business recovery (that is, recovery of the workspace), business resumption planning (for key business processes), contingency planning and crisis/emergency management.

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Capacity Planning

Organizations often have a requirement to baseline capacity utilization on an ad-hoc basis. This is often the case before a new application is deployed and it is not certain whether the current infrastructure can accommodate the new load. Using our services will help to identify existing and/or potential bottlenecks.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) enables organizations to protect themselves from and to minimize the disruption of various natural disasters and man-made outages. DRP focuses on the recovery of operational functionality of business critical IT systems that have failed either due to component failure, data center failure, or some other incident or disaster.

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Enterprise Architecture

The foundations of many top-tier IT organizations are embedded within their Enterprise Architecture (EA). An IT organization EA defines its principles, guidelines, policies, procedures and standards that directs the organization in the acquisition, implementation and maintenance of IT resources.

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Implementation Support

At PCG we believe that system implementations are only effective when there is a defined link between business drivers and the configuration of the system. Software should be the tool to support best practices; not the other way around.

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Security Planning & Assessments

Protecting business assets is critical to success of any enterprise, public or private. Information assets are vital to the operation and business has an obligation to its stakeholders to protect these assets. The security of your information assets is not a job that should be entrusted to personnel without a track record of proven reliability. PCG offers the senior technical consultants who understand information security and have the experience to safeguard your information assets.

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Technical Architecture Assessments

PCG can help bring your technical environment back under control. Our technical consultants have years of experience managing the most technical aspects of IT. Our Technical Architecture Assessment Service utilizes our Senior IT Executives and Technical Staff to assess your IT portfolio, document exactly what you have (and what you don't), what it does for you (and what it doesn't), what your issues and risks are, and strategies to over come them.

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