Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) enables organizations to protect themselves from and to minimize the disruption of various natural disasters and man-made outages. DRP focuses on the recovery of operational functionality of business critical IT systems that have failed either due to component failure, data center failure, or some other incident or disaster. The goal of DRP is to implement a disaster prevention program to rapidly restore IT operational capability thus minimizing the disruption of critical business applications.


The development of your disaster recovery plan can be customized. Generally, the engagement includes the following high-level activities:

  • Project Initiation and Pre-planning
  • Project Team Creation
  • General Requirements Definition
  • Critical Business Systems Identification
  • Detailed Requirements Definition
  • Recovery Plan Development
  • Recovery Plan Testing and Refinement
  • Recovery Plan Implementation
  • Recovery Plan Maintenance

The DRP will address initial recovery of critical business systems, the temporary operation of those systems, and the transfer of operations back to your production environment. The DR plan will address recovery issues related to hardware, software, database, networking and operation.

More Information

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