At If your IT organization is typical, then it has probably been in existence for years and has a Technical Architecture that is as diverse as a Wall St. banker's portfolio. Diverse and complex Technical Architectures present many headaches - obsolete platforms, new technology integration issues, hard to maintain code, lack of documentation to name a few.


PCG can help bring your technical environment back under control. Our technical consultants have years of experience managing the most technical aspects of IT. Our Technical Architecture Assessment Service utilizes our Senior IT Executives and Technical Staff to assess your IT portfolio, document exactly what you have (and what you don't), what it does for you (and what it doesn't), what your issues and risks are, and strategies to over come them.


From detailed source code review to ITIL Service compliance or whatever your Technical Architecture incorporates, PCG can bring you the big picture and the road map to technical excellence.

More Information

For more information about PCG Technology Consulting's Technical Architecture Assessment services please contact us at or 1-800-210-6113.