Typical Application Maintenance and Operations (M&O) activities involve application enhancement or correction, preventative maintenance, and technical refresh cycles to ensure the longevity of application usefulness and to reduce the possibility of application or system failure. Technical refresh cycles typically include analyzing application software, database, associated tool sets, and system hardware to ensure that current revision levels are actively supported by the appropriate vendor.


Routinely, hardware and software vendors go through iterative update processes where quick fixes and new releases are developed and available to incorporate bug fixes or new features/enhancements and to reduce possible failure points. Hardware refresh cycles are generally performed to integrate new technologies that improve performance, availability, security, and scalability and to further decrease the risk of a failure.


Increasingly, M&O activities are considered individual projects that go through a lifecycle that requires initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing phases. The initiation phase is started either through a business decision, a previously undetected technical flaw, or through a standardized scheduling timeframe. This approach provides for high levels of success and elevated services to the customer.


PCG offers project management, senior technical consultant and application development staff who understand M&O and the processes and tasks needed to successfully update software and hardware to fix outstanding bugs, incorporate new features, improve performance, and/or protect against application or system failure.

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