To move forward, business scenarios often require the objectivity of external subject-matter-experts. PCG's dynamic program services group is composed of professionals that build solutions with longevity. Whether you need project planning services or business process analysis or an organizational assessment, the knowledge and objectivity of PCG's management consultants are a potent mix for evaluating, assessing and re-engineering the mission critical processes your organization relies on.


The PCG Program Services team offers real-world organizational development and project experience coupled with the clarity of independence. This valuable combination ensures the right mix of innovation and tried-and-true techniques for consistent delivery.


The Program Services consulting team has depth and breadth of both program and government experience, with deep domain expertise in Health and Human services; Child Support; Welfare; Child Welfare; Criminal Justice; and Corrections and Rehabilitation systems; Employment and Labor systems. The team consists of CIO’s at the state and local levels with over 25 years of experience, certified project managers and delivery consulting staff with over 10 years experience.


The Program Services consulting team provides a combination of program, business and subject matter expertise with the following IT management consulting services

PCG Technology Consulting's Program Services Include

Acquisition Support Services

PCG provides the acquisition skills, techniques and experience necessary to ensure the customer's needs are well articulated and defined so that bidders know exactly what they are expected to provide and how their compliance with meeting the customer's needs will be judged.

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Business Process Analysis

PCG offers services for the planning, analysis, development, and implementation of improvements in the flow of business, work, program processes, tool utilization, and productivity. This includes, but is not limited to: BPR program development; business process identification and analysis; activity based costing; simulation of business processes; problem identification and analysis; benchmarking; business process improvements; and change management.

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Corporate Governance

PCG provides senior managers who are accustomed to meeting the challenges of organizational development. They help the customer determine how it will manage its resources, always with the overall goal being to leave processes in place that foster transparency into the agreed upon processes and their metrics. Our experience is such organizational openness results in best use of resources and an organizational culture based on trust.

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Feasibility Studies

PCG is uniquely qualified to support our clients in the development of Business Case Analyses and Feasibility Studies. We understand how to turn your business problem and opportunities into a clear statement of need that will provide the insight required to determine how best to invest your dollars.

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Independent Verification & Validation

PCG provides Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services in the form of two valued offerings. We can provide IV&V services from the traditional IEEE 1012 standard methodology across all phases of the software development life cycle.

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Organizational Assessments

PCG offers assessments of your IT organization to determine how well IT is aligned to support the business needs of the organization. PCG also assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT Organization in areas of cost efficiency, process maturity, resource allocation, and management effectiveness..

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Project Management

PCG has project managers that are experienced in a variety of technology implementations and software development life cycle methodologies. Protect your project investment with a project manager that knows how to achieve project success.

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Project Oversight

PCG offers Independent Project Oversight services to organizations looking to comply with control agency mandates or simply looking to protect their IT investment. PCG believes that only experienced project managers should perform Project Oversight in order to provide both an effective assessment and value added recommendations.

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Quality Assurance

PCG's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) services consist of senior experienced staff using the procedures, techniques and tools used to ensure that a product meets or exceeds pre-specified standards during its development cycle.

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Requirements Definition

PCG believes that requirements definition is the most crucial part of the project. Incorrect, inaccurate, or excessive definition of requirements often result in schedule delays, wasted resources, or customer dissatisfaction.Learn more about PCG Technology Consulting's Requirements Definition Services




Strategic Planning

PCG can assist with your enterprise's IT strategic planning. The first step is often an assessment of business goals and the current level of business-IT alignment, as described above. PCG can assist in establishing a joint business and IT management structure to govern planning, as well as provide guidance, mentoring, and mediation through the process.

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Texas Deliverables Based Contracts Contract No: DIR SDD-2143

The DIR Cooperative Contracts Program allows customers to purchase services directly from a DIR contracted vendor. Public Consulting Group has been offering the following services for more than 16 years and has many satisfied customers that can confirm the high standard of work that our teams always provide.

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