PCG provides Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services in the form of two valued offerings. We can provide IV&V services from the traditional IEEE 1012 standard methodology across all phases of the software development life cycle. We also provide IV&V services based on our own structured approach that can provide you an independent, focused analysis of your system in development. Both methodologies are performed with the appropriate level of rigor and detail required by the project and can cover reviews of everything from system architecture to source code.


In general, PCG performs IV&V by having senior experienced staff, using industry standards and best practices, to evaluate products against system requirements. IV&V activities serve to uncover high-risk errors early giving the design team time to evolve a comprehensive solution rather than forcing them into a makeshift fix to accommodate software deadlines. IV&V provides management with visibility into the quality and progress of the development effort that is continuous and comprehensive, not just at major review milestones. In addition, IV&V gives the user an incremental preview of system performance with the chance to make early adjustments and provides decision criteria for whether to proceed to the next development phase.

IV&V activities, therefore, must be structured to:

  • Determine whether the products of a particular phase in the development process are consistent with the requirements of that phase and the preceding phase (verification), and
  • Provide assurance that the final product satisfies the system requirements validation).

PCG IV&V personnel have experience assessing a wide variety of technologies and software development life cycles. PCG is also very deep in technology consultants recognized as experts in their fields who can be engaged as necessary on any IV&V assessment to provide a comprehensive analysis of any technical component or issue.

PCG Technology Consulting's Independent Verification & Validation Subject Matter Experts

Yvonne De la Rosa, PMP


Cheryl Liebling, Ph.D.

Ms. De la Rosa, a director with PCG Technology Consulting (PCG TC), has more than 16 years of experience in information technology (IT) with an emphasis in Project Management, Systems Integration, and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). Since joining the firm in 2006, Ms. De la Rosa's focus has been on the IV&V oversight of large State of California engagements that span multiple projects and agencies.

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David Westphalen, PMP

Mr. Westphalen, a director with PCG Technology Consulting (PCG TC), has more than 15 years of consulting and project management experience, focusing on state government IT projects. Since joining the firm in 2006, he has led or been a team member on numerous IPO, IV&V and project management engagements in California, Massachusetts, and Iowa. The breadth of his project management experience is in all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


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Gary Reimers

Mr. Reimers' background includes more than 20 years of IT experience in both the private and public sectors, specializing in large enterprise system design, implementation, and management. In his tenure with PCG, Mr. Reimers has focused on state government projects, providing strategic planning, service development, technical assessments, independent technical verification and validation (IV&V), technical design, cost allocation studies, and procurement support (i.e. FSR and RFP development/evaluation) for multi-year, multi-million dollar development projects. He specializes in large-scale technology projects while operating under the principle that IT exists to support business needs and improve business capability.


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Lauren Barton

Ms. Barton, a senior consultant at PCG Technology Consulting (PCG TC), has more than 40 years of IT-related experience ranging from application development to data center and IT department management both in the private and public sectors. Since joining the firm in 2010, she has provided Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) services for California and Hawaii state projects. Her IT expertise includes technical, process, project and administrative management end-to-end, from operations support to customer relationship management, service management and business development. Ms. Barton is ITIL Expert certified and has delivered ITIL certification training as well as ITIL maturity assessments.


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More Information

For more information about PCG Technology Consulting's Independent Verification and Validation services please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.