What is a business process?

A business process is a set of logically related business activities that combine to deliver something of value (e.g. products, goods, services or information) to a customer.


A typical high-level business process describes the means by which the organization provides value to its customers, without regard to the individual functional departments (e.g. the accounting department) that might be involved. As a result, business processes represent an alternative - and in many ways more powerful - way of looking at an organization and what it does beyond the traditional departmental or functional view.


Business processes can be seen individually, as discrete steps in a business cycle, or collectively as the set of activities that create the value chain of an organization and associate that value chain with the requirements of the customer. It is important to recognize that the "customer" of a business process can be several different things, according to the process's position in the business cycle.


Today, technology allows an organization to communicate more efficiently and more effectively than ever before. This means key processes can - and often should - be located not where the results are consumed but where the cost and quality advantages maximize productivity. Years of strategic investment in specialized IT infrastructure allows PCG to swiftly align its business processes with those of its enterprise partners to provide open and transparent service models for business processes. These proven, location-independent processes cut transaction costs and reduce overhead in areas as diverse as human resources and financial accounting.


PCG offers services for the planning, analysis, development, and implementation of improvements in the flow of business, work, program processes, tool utilization, and productivity. This includes, but is not limited to: BPR program development; business process identification and analysis; activity based costing; simulation of business processes; problem identification and analysis; benchmarking; business process improvements; and change management.

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