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Deliverables Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) Contract

Contract No: DIR SDD-2143

The Technology Category offered: 

Service descriptions:

The DIR Cooperative Contracts Program allows customers to purchase services directly from a DIR contracted vendor. Public Consulting Group has been offering the following services for more than 16 years and has many satisfied customers that can confirm the high standard of work that our teams always provide. Under the DBITS contract Public Consulting Group is delighted to be able to offer the following:

Project Management

1)    Definition: Project Management services may include any or all of the project management processes identified by the Project Management Institute as published in Table 3-45 of the PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition or most recent.

2)    Examples of included services: using the Customer’s tools and processes, using off-the-shelf tools or using the DDI Vendor’s own proprietary tools and processes to manage a project.

Information Technology (IT) Assessments and Planning

1)    Definition: IT Assessments and Planning may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management and architecture. Strategic planning activities may include mission statement development, visioning and defining goals, objectives, and strategy development. Tactical planning may require that actionable plans and roadmaps be provided.

2)    Examples of included services: IT assessments, including enterprise architecture; staff knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) assessments; and strategic and tactical planning.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

1)    Definition: Verification and Validation are independent procedures that are used together for in-depth analysis by checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications, and that it fulfills its intended purpose.


2)    Examples of included services: Validation of software design to meet system needs/requirements; traceability of safety critical requirements; design analysis of selected critical algorithms; and code analysis of mission-critical software components.

For Quotes Purchase Orders and Warranty please contact:

Minnie Thomas,
Public Consulting Group
Tel: 916-521-0526

Fax: 916-565-5126

Instructions for obtaining quotes and Placing Orders: (How the Program Works)

  • Customer identifies a need for deliverables based services
  • Customer drafts a Statement of Work (SOW) using the DIR DBITS template
  • Customer sends the SOW to one or more DBITS Vendors for that Category
  • The Vendors submit their responses to the SOW with fixed price deliverables
  • Customer makes selection and issues a Purchase Order to the successful Vendor referencing its DBITS contract number
  • Project starts
  • The value of any one SOW may not exceed $10 million including all extensions, renewals, and change orders

For more information about the DIR Cooperative Contracts program please visit: http://www2.dir.state.tx.us/ict/overview/Pages/overview.aspx


Texas DBITS IV&V Contract