PCG Technology Consulting has worked in a variety of venues to help manage and support health and human service programs. These efforts have ranged from providing technology leadership and managing data center consolidations for major health providers to strategic planning for State departments as they move to more strongly align their IT organization with the departments' mission and initiatives.


As examples, some of the most current activities have included project management for the California Department of Development Services' CADDIS System; managing the Department of Health Services' (DHS) procurement for its system to support its Children Services Program; helping develop the California Health and Human Services CIO's develop an overarching vision and sets of principles and initiatives to better leverage the resources of the individual departments in order to accomplish a more broad agency-wide approach to program support; and, reviewing and assessing one of DHS's most essential legacy system (MEDS) to recommend technology, personnel and organizational approaches for updating and improving the system's viability.


PCG Technology Consulting is also actively involved in supporting the IT efforts associated with supporting California's welfare programs as they face the challenges of helping the most needy within tightening budget constraints. We have provided various programs project oversight, quality assurance, contract management and reviews, and architectural and technical assessments. We also provide direct IT services such as server installation, web services, application development and maintenance, etc.


Some current examples include supporting the Department of Social Services' oversight and IV&V activities as the department manages the overall moving from individual county welfare systems to no more than 4 consortia (ISAWS, LEADER. CalWIN, C-IV); analysis of procurement approaches and contracts associated with automation of the Child Welfare program (CWS/CMS); technical and management reviews for the Health and Human Services Data Center; and manage and operate the State's system (SFIS) for fingerprint checking of welfare applicants to ensure they are not already enrolled in the State's welfare program.

More Information

For more information about PCG Technology Consulting's Health and Human Services programs please contact us at info@publicconsultinggroup.com or 1-800-210-6113.