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Healthcare Access and Markets

States turn to PCG to organize their commercial health insurance regulatory compliance. They work with us to establish managed care procurement and contract oversight. States regulate their private insurance markets and operate Medicaid managed care and fee-for-service programs to assure healthcare ...



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Christen Courville

Christen Courville, an associate manager located in our Richmond, VA office, has 17 years of experience working with public sector clients to implement technology solutions. She is currently... Christen Courville Associate Manager Education Christen Courville, an associate manager located in our Ric...


Deborah Joffe

Deborah Joffe, PMP, is an Associate Manager at PCG. Ms. Joffe has extensive experience leading consulting jobs for human services agencies around the country, including engagements providing... Deborah Joffe Associate Manager Human Services Deborah Joffe, PMP, is an Associate Manager at PCG. Ms. Jof...


Edward Forth

Mr. Forth has more than 27 years of technology and management experience. He joined PCG in 2012 and currently provides transformational technology leadership for PCG's corporate services... Edward Forth Chief Information Officer Corporate | Information Technology Services Mr. Forth has more than 27 ...


Project Assurance

PCG can provide independent and objective oversight for major projects, typically based on assessments of their likely future performance. Our services include Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), Independent Project Oversight (IPO), Independent Technical Assessments, and Quality Assu...


John Blowers

Mr. Blowers holds an MBA from Kelley School of Business and has more than 25 years of HR experience, with approximately 2/3rds of that time holding leadership roles with General Electric, India-based Crompton Greaves... John Blowers Associate Manager Health Mr. Blowers holds an MBA from Kelley Schoo...



Sustainable Change Change is constant. Organizations must continually adapt, reshape, and rethink the best way to move forward. The methods for this work must be practical, the results must be visible, and the improvements must endure. In response, PCG has developed Sustainable Change, a bundle of k...


Outsourcing and Operations

Administering a system of services for promoting high-quality child care and early childhood education programs requires service-delivery that meets the needs of children and families in your community or state. PCG proudly partners with early childhood education organizations to manage core functio...


Institutional Rate Setting and Support

Institutional Rate Setting Services and Support Services Institutional services, such as inpatient and outpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, and nursing facility services are a significant spend and driver of healthcare costs. Medicaid and other state agencies need, and should adopt, paymen...