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Data Systems & IT Solutions

With the right technology solutions, schools and districts can more effectively meet the needs of all students. PCG’s industry-leading educational technology systems, including our EDPlan™ suite, support thousands of schools and districts nationwide. Our professionals will guide your district throug...


Ramona Cruz-Peters

Ms. Cruz-Peters joined Public Consulting Group in November of 2014 as the Manager of Corporate Technology Communications. In her role at PCG she leads communication efforts... Ramona Cruz-Peters Director Corporate Technology Communications Corporate | Information Technology Services Ms. Cruz-Peters ...


Balance billing – a new report on recent efforts by state

PCG subject matter experts recently completed a survey report entitled “Balance Billing: Report of Recent Efforts to Protect Consumers . ” The practice of balance billing is historically commonplace, but increased scrutiny on rising out of pocket health care costs is driving efforts to provide great...


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System

Point-of-service time capture, validation, and beyond. Right Time. Right Place. Right Service. Time4Care TM is Public Consulting Group’s (PCG) state-of-the-art, FLSA-compliant EVV system that captures real-time, location- tracked clock-in/clock-out time entries of in-home care providers through an e...


Federal Leadership -- It Does Matter

More and more, leadership is talked about and addressed through issues such as appointment, training, and mentoring. Leadership is particularly important and timely when considering child protection and child welfare issues over the last several years. Every election cycle is an opportunity for a lo...


Public Consulting Group, Inc. HIPAA/FERPA Statement

Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) recognizes that having a robust security program is critical in minimizing the impact of threats inherent in today’s workplace and computing environments. As a service provider often responsible for handling sensitive data, PCG is committed to safeguarding the pri...


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PCG Public Partnerships PCG Public Partnerships 7776 S. Pointe Pkwy W. Suite 150 Phoenix, Arizona 85044 United States


Focusing on Data Quality: Key Considerations for Child Welfare Agencies

The Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Final Rule represents the evolution of the earlier Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS). It also represents a bit of a sea change. Moving the focus from monolithic automated information systems to shared data enables...


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