PCG prides itself in assisting employees to develop a career based upon our project needs and your skills and interests. In addition to ongoing opportunities for learning and individual growth, we provide you with the necessary tools and resources through our facilities, our technology and our experienced staff.

PCG Employee Reviews

Colleen Fox

  • Colleen FoxJoined PCG: November, 2001
  • First job at PCG: Consultant, PCG Health
  • Current job: Associate Manager, PCG Public Partnerships
  • Prior to PCG: 7 years at a health care software start-up; 1 year as a high school English teacher; earned a master of public health (MPH) degree

“About five years ago, I was ready for a change in career and new challenges. PCG made it possible for me to make these changes without leaving the firm. I was able to move to a different practice area that was more aligned with my strengths and personal goals. Following this non-traditional path was challenging at times but very rewarding. Advancement at PCG does not come without a lot of hard work and dedication but if you are committed, you can design a career that works for you and for PCG.”

Pete Marshall

  • Peter MarshallJoined PCG: February, 1993
  • First job at PCG : temporary analyst
  • Current job: Associate Manager, PCG Education
  • Prior to PCG: manual labor while attending college

“Attitude, work ethic, and results are all important to advancing, but no one is excluded from advancing at PCG. In order to be successful at this firm, each day, the order of importance should be the client, PCG, practice area, individual.”


Jill Reynolds

  • Jill ReynoldsJoined PCG: August, 2002
  • First job at PCG : Consultant, PCG Human Services
  • Current job: Manager, PCG Human Services
  • Prior to PCG: Deputy Education Advisor to the Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; also worked for the Commonwealth’s Department of Administration and Finance, Department of Revenue

“One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the changing nature of it – it changes every month with the beginning and ending of projects. And it has changed over the years as I’ve grown and advanced up through the consulting track into management. PCG’s exceptional corporate growth, driven by its employees, is what creates the great opportunities for individual growth within the firm.”


Jennifer MacBlane

  • Joined PCG: October, 2006
  • First job at PCG: Director of Operations, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families’ revenue management unit, operated by PCG
  • Current job: Senior Advisor, PCG Human Services
  • Prior to PCG: counselor at a domestic violence shelter; child welfare case worker; earned a master of public administration (MPA); policy analyst and Assistant Budget Director for Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance; Budget Manager for Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

“PCG has been very supportive of my growth aspirations. In five years with the company, I moved from an operations role to the management team. Most importantly, the company has supported my curiosity and desire to learn by allowing me to pursue new and creative ideas for growing the child welfare product line. At PCG, there are no limits to where your initiative and hard work can take you. Shortly after being promoted to associate manager, new family obligations required me to significantly reduce my work hours. PCG has been very supportive of my current need for part-time status.”


Chris Connor

  • Joined PCG: February, 1992
  • First job at PCG : Data Entry Associate, Medicaid Recovery Unit
  • Current job: Manager, PCG Human Services
  • Prior to PCG: Executive Vice President, Colonial Bank, Rhode Island, in charge of all commercial and consumer lending

“When I started with PCG, I had 9 years of previous management experience, a mortgage, a wife and one child. I traveled 1 hour and 40 minutes each way to Boston for a temporary job because of the opportunity I saw at PCG for long-term growth. I also believed that PCG's ideology was perfectly aligned with what would motivate me – an ethical firm, strong leadership involvement, entrepreneurial spirit, a relentless desire to solve problems and always, always, always putting the client first.


20 years later, I believe the opportunity at PCG is even greater than when I started. We are now an international firm with an unbelievable number of services to offer the market place. Our growth has been appropriately controlled, the financial strength of PCG is enviable, and we have a strong presence in the two largest global markets – health care and education. Our biggest challenge is finding more people who can share our vision. But as we continue to experience double digit annual revenue growth irrespective of the economic environment, that's a great problem to have!”

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